John Schwabe - Selected Publications#

Millard, C.J., P.J. Watson, I. Celardo, Y. Gordiyenko, S.M. Cowley, C.V. Robinson, L. Fairall, and J.W.R. Schwabe. Class I HDACs share a common mechanism of regulation by inositol phosphates. Molecular Cell (2013) 51, 57-67. (41 citations)

Watson, P.J., L. Fairall, G.M. Santos and J.W.R. Schwabe. Structure of HDAC3 bound to corepressor and inositol tetraphosphate. Nature (2012) 481, 335-340. (94 citations)

Calkin, A, B.T. Goult, L. Zhang, L. Fairall, C. Hong, J.W.R. Schwabe* and P. Tontonoz*. FERM-dependent E3 ligase recognition: an evolutionarily-conserved mechanism for targeted degradation of lipoprotein receptors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, (2011) 108, 20107-112. *Co-corresponding authors. (21 citations)

Zhang, L., L. Fairall, B.T. Goult, A.C. Calkin, C. Hong, C.J. Millard, P. Tontonoz, and J.W.R. Schwabe, The IDOL-UBE2D complex mediates sterol-dependent degradation of the LDL receptor. Genes Dev, (2011) 25, 1262-1274. (27 citations)

Oberoi, J., L. Fairall, P. Watson, J.-C. Yang, Z. Czimmerer, T. Kampmann, B. Goult, J. Greenwood, J. Gooch, B.C. Kallenberger, L. Nagy, D. Neuhaus, and J.W.R. Schwabe, Structural basis for the assembly of the SMRT/NCoR core transcriptional repression machinery. Nat Struct Mol Biol, (2011) 18, 177-84. (40 citations)

Itoh, T., L. Fairall, K. Amin, Y. Inaba, A. Szanto, B. Balint, L. Nagy, K. Yamamoto, and J. Schwabe, Structural basis for the activation of PPARgamma by oxidized fatty acids. Nat Struct Mol Biol, (2008) 15, 924-31. (176 citations)

Codina, A., J.D. Love, Y. Li, M.A. Lazar, D. Neuhaus, and J.W.R. Schwabe, Structural insights into the interaction and activation of HDAC3 by nuclear receptor co-repressors. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, (2005) 102, 6009-6014. (59 citations)

Kallenberger, B.C., J.D. Love, V.K. Chatterjee, and J.W. Schwabe, A dynamic mechanism of nuclear receptor activation and its perturbation in a human disease. Nat Struct Mol Biol, (2003) 10, 136-40. (123 citations)

Ariyoshi, M. and J.W. Schwabe, A conserved structural motif reveals the essential transcriptional repression function of Spen proteins and their role in developmental signaling. Genes Dev, (2003) 17, 1909-20. (76 citations)

Clayton, G.M., S.Y. Peak-Chew, R.M. Evans, and J.W. Schwabe, The structure of the ultraspiracle ligand-binding domain reveals a nuclear receptor locked in an inactive conformation. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, (2001) 98, 1549-54. (153 citations)

Nagy, L., H.Y. Kao, J.D. Love, C. Li, E. Banayo, J.T. Gooch, V. Krishna, K. Chatterjee, R.M. Evans, and J.W. Schwabe, Mechanism of corepressor binding and release from nuclear hormone receptors. Genes Dev, (1999) 13, 3209-16. (370 citations)

Rodriguez-Esteban*, C., J.W. Schwabe*, J. De La Pena, B. Foys, B. Eshelman, and J.C. Belmonte, Radical fringe positions the apical ectodermal ridge at the dorsoventral boundary of the vertebrate limb. Nature, (1997) 386, 360-6. *Co-first authors. (174 citations)

Schwabe, J.W., L. Chapman, J.T. Finch, and D. Rhodes, The crystal structure of the estrogen receptor DNA-binding domain bound to DNA: how receptors discriminate between their response elements. Cell, (1993) 75, 567-78. (676 citations)

Schwabe, J.W., D. Neuhaus, and D. Rhodes, Solution structure of the DNA-binding domain of the oestrogen receptor. Nature, (1990) 348, 458-61. (415 citations)
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