Martin Schroder - Selected Publications#

Selective Hysteretic Sorption of Light Hydrocarbons in a Flexible Metal-Organic Framework Material. S. Gao, C.G. Morris, Z. Lu, Y. Yan, H.G.W. Godfrey, C. Murray, C.C. Tang, K.M. Thomas, S. Yang and M. Schröder, Chem. Mat., 2016, 28, 2331-2340.

Non-Interpenetrated Metal-Organic Frameworks Based on Copper(II) Paddlewheel and Oligoparaxylene-Isophthalate Linkers: Synthesis, Structure and Gas Adsorption. Y. Yan, M. Juríček, F-X. Coudert, N.A. Vermeulen, S. Grunder, A. Dailly, W. Lewis, A.J. Blake, J.F. Stoddart and M. Schröder, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016, 138, 3371-3381.

Supramolecular Binding and Separation of Hydrocarbons within a Functionalised Porous Metal-Organic Framework. S. Yang, A.J. Ramirez-Cuesta, R. Newby, V. Garcia-Sakai, P. Manuel, S.K. Callear, S.I. Campbell, C.C. Tang and M. Schröder, Nature Chemistry, 2015, 7, 121-129.

A Robust Binary Hydrogen-bonded Supramolecular Organic Framework with High Carbon Dioxide Adsorption and Selectivity. J. Lü, C. P. Krap, M. Suyetin, N. H. Alsmail, Y. Yan, S. Yang, W. Lewis, E. Bichoutskaia, C.C. Tang, A.J. Blake, R. Cao and M. Schröder, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2014, 136, 12828-12831.

Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks by Continuous Flow. P.A. Bayliss, I.A. Ibarra, E. Pérez, S. Yang, C.C. Tang, M. Poliakoff and M. Schröder, Green Chemistry, 2014, 16, 3796-3802.

Studies on Metal-Organic Frameworks of Cu(II) with Isophthalate Linkers for Hydrogen Storage. Y. Yan, S. Yang, A.J. Blake and M. Schröder, Acc. Chem. Res., 2014, 47, 296-307.

Irreversible Network Transformation in a Dynamic Porous Host Catalysed by Sulphur Dioxide. S. Yang, L. Liu, J. Sun, K.M. Thomas, A.J. Davies, M.W. George, A.J. Blake, A.H. Hill, A.N. Fitch, C.C. Tang and M. Schröder, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135, 4954-4957.

Modulating the Packing of [Cu24(isophthalate)24]] Cuboctahedra in a Triazole-Containing Metal-Organic Polyhedral Framework. Y. Yan, M. Suetin, E. Bichoutskaia, A.J. Blake, D.R. Allan, S.A. Barnett and M. Schröder, Chem. Sci., 2013, 4, 1731-1736.
Highlighted in Chemistry World: Chemistry World, 2013, 10, 25 April Issue.

Selectivity and Direct Visualisation of Carbon Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide in a Decorated Porous Host. S. Yang, J. Sun, A.J. Ramirez-Cuesta, S.K. Callear, W.I.F. David, D. Anderson, R. Newby, A.J. Blake, J.E. Parker, C.C. Tang and M. Schröder, Nature Chemistry, 2012, 4, 887-894. Front cover graphic. Highlighted by Reuters, Chemistry World, 2013, Feb issue, p12; Découverte 2013, 384, 5, The Engineer, TCE.

Selective CO2 Uptake and Inverse CO2/C2H2 Selectivity in a Dynamic Bi-Functional Metal-Organic Framework . W. Yang, A.J. Davies, X. Lin, M. Suyetin, R. Matsuda, A.J. Blake, C. Wilson, W. Lewis, J. E. Parker, C.C. Tang, M.W. George, P. Hubberstey, S. Kitagawa, H. Sakamoto, E. Bichoutskaia, N.R. Champness, S. Yang and M. Schröder, Chem. Sci, 2012, 3, 2993-2999.

A Partially Interpenetrated Metal-Organic Framework for Selective Hysteretic Sorption of Carbon Dioxide. S.Yang, X. Lin, W. Lewis, M. Suyetin, E. Bichoutskaia, J.E. Parker, C.C. Tang, D.R. Allan, P.J. Rizkallah, P. Hubberstey, N.R. Champness, K.M. Thomas, A.J. Blake and M. Schröder, Nature Materials, 2012, 11, 710-716.
Highlighted in a wide range of international press releases including BBC( on 12/6/2012), TCE, ASCE, AIChE, The Engineer, Inhabitat, Science Daily, The Green Optimistic, Manufacturing, BELLE news, H&V news, ZEP news and many others).

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