Dieter Schmalstieg - Selected publications#

According to PoP: h= 39, 6.200 citations, 399 papers (November 2012)

Pose tracking from natural features on mobile phones. D Wagner, G Reitmayr, A Mulloni, T Drummond, D Schmalstieg.
Proceedings of the 7th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Mixed and Augmneted Reality (2008) Citations: 201

Artoolkitplus for pose tracking on mobile devices. D Wagner, D Schmalstieg. Proceedings of 12th Computer Vision Winter Workshop (CVWW'07), 139-146 (2007) Citations: 223

Towards massively multi-user augmented reality on handheld devices. D Wagner, T Pintaric, F Ledermann, D Schmalstieg. Pervasive Computing, 77-95 (2005) Citations: 200

First steps towards handheld augmented reality. D Wagner, D Schmalstieg. Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers, 127 (2003) Citations: 249

Mathematics and geometry education with collaborative augmented reality. H Kaufmann, D Schmalstieg. Computers & Graphics 27 (3), 339-345 (2003) Citations: 150

The studierstube augmented reality project. D Schmalstieg, A Fuhrmann, G Hesina, Z Szalavári, LM Encarnaçao, M Gervautz .... Presence: Teleoperators & Virtual Environments 11 (1), 33-54 (2002) Citations: 322

An open software architecture for virtual reality interaction. G Reitmayr, D Schmalstieg. Proceedings of the ACM symposium on Virtual reality software and technology ... (2001) Citations: 186

Visibility preprocessing with occluder fusion for urban walkthroughs. P Wonka, M Wimmer, D Schmalstieg. Rendering Techniques 2000, 71-82 (2000) Citations: 143

Using transparent props for interaction with the virtual table. D Schmalstieg, LM Encarnação, Z Szalavári. Proceedings of the 1999 symposium on Interactive 3D graphics, 147-153 (1999) Citations: 178

Studierstube-an environment for collaboration in augmented reality. D Schmalstieg, A Fuhrmann, Z Szalavari, M Gervautz. CVE’96 Workshop Proceedings, 19-20 (1996) Citations: 211
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