Alessandro Schiesaro - Selected Publications#

The Cambridge Companion to Seneca Co-edited with S.Bartsch, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 2015

The Passions in Play. Thyestes and the Dynamics of Senecan Drama, Cambridge University Press : Cambridge, 2003 [ppk ed. 2007]

The Roman Cultural Revolution, co-edited with T.N.Habinek, Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, 1997

Mega nepios. Il destinatario nell'epos didascalico/The addressee in didactic epos, co-edited with J.S.Clay and P.Mitsis, Giardini: Pisa 1994

Simulacrum et Imago. Gli argomenti analogici nel De rerum natura, “Biblioteca di MD” 8, Giardini : Pisa, 1990

“Emotons and Memory in Virgil’s Aeneid”, in Emotions between Greece and Rome, D. Cairns-L.Fulkerson, eds., London 2015, 163-176

“Seneca and Epicurus: the Allure of the Other”, in Cambridge Companion to Seneca, S.Bartsch-A.Schiesaro, eds., Cambridge 2015, 239-251

“Materiam superabat opus: Lucretius metamorphosed”, Journal of Roman Studies 104 (2014) 1-32

“Seneca’s Agamemnon: the entropy of tragedy”, Pallas 95 (2014) 179-191

“Virgilio a Strasburgo: gli autori di Richard Heinze”, Quaderni di Storia 76 (2012) 19-31

“The Palingenesis of De rerum natura”, Proceedings of the Cambridge Philogical Society 40 (1994), 81-107
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