Leonardo Maria Savoia - Selected Publications#

2021 Benedetta Baldi & Leonardo Savoia. Possessives, from Franco-Provençal and Occitan systems to contact dialects in Apulia and Calabria. Languages, vol. 6,63: 1-28.

2020 Maria Rita Manzini, Leonardo Savoia & Ludovico Franco. ‘DOM and dative in (Italo-)Romance’. In András Bárány & Laura Kalin (eds), Case, Agreement, and their Interactions, pp. 219-270, Berlin: De Gruyter.

2018 Maria Rita Manzini & Leonardo Savoia. The Morphosyntax of Albanian and Aromanian Varieties. Berlin/ Boston: De Gruyter Mouton. 387 pp.

"[...] a state-of-the-art monograph, serving also as a trendsetter in the analysis of contact languages (accounting for such issues as morphosyntax, lexicon, bilingualism), in general, and Eastern Romance, in particular. It goes without saying, based on all of the above, that this volume is intended for specialists in theoretical linguistics (with various subfields) working in a generative/minimalist framework." Ionut Geana in: LINGUIST List 30.2949, https://linguistlist.org/issues/30/30-2949.html

2018 Benedetta Baldi & Leonardo Savoia. Linguistica per insegnare. Mente, lingue e apprendimento. Bologna: Zanichelli, 240 pp.

2017 Maria Rita Manzini & Leonardo Savoia. 'Enclisis/Proclisis alternations in Romance: Allomorphies and (re)ordering.' Transactions of the Philological Society, 115: 98-136,

2016 Leonardo Savoia. ‘Harmonic processes and metaphony in some Italian varieties’. In Francesc Torres-Tamarit, Kathrin Linke & Marc van Oostendorp (eds). Approaches to Metaphony in the Languages of Italy, pp. 9-53. Berlin: De Gruyter.

2016. Maria Rita Manzini, Anna Roussou, & Leonardo Savoia. ‘Middle-passive voice in Albanian and Greek’. Journal of Linguistics 52: 111-150.

2015 Leonardo M. Savoia. I dialetti italiani. Sistemi e processi fonologici nelle varietà di area italiana e romancia. Pisa: Pacini editore, 466 pp.

2011 Maria Rita Manzini & Leonardo Savoia. Grammatical Categories: Variation in Romance Languages. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 364 pp.

"Grammatical Categories is a sample of Manzini and Savoia's unique blend of innovative theorizing and painstaking empirical research. Highly recommendable." Tarald Taraldsen, Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics, University of Tromsø

"Provides insightful solutions … a must-have on Romance syntax." Dominique Sportiche, UCLA and ENS, Paris

2005 Maria Rita Manzini & Leonardo Savoia. I dialetti italiani e romanci. Morfosintassi generativa. Alessandria: Edizioni dell’Orso. 3 vols: 737 pp.; 812 pp.; 780 pp.

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