Michael Sarnthein-Lotichius - Curriculum Vitae#

Paleoceanographer/Sedimentologist/Marine Geologist
Birthdate: 15 July 1939 in Vienna
Austrian Citizenship
Status: Married to Renate Sarnthein, three children
Mailing address: Institut für Geowissenschaften, Universität Kiel, Olshausenstr. 40, D-24118 Kiel, Germany


  • 1957-1963: studies in geology, geophysics, and mineralogy at the universities of Frankfurt on Main, Germany, and Innsbruck, Austria
  • 1963: Ph.D. on Alpine tectonics in the fields of geology and geophysics at Innsbruck University (W. Heissel, B. Sander, supervisors)
  • 1970: "Habilitation" in marine geology at Kiel University, Germany (E.Seibold, advisor)
Professional Experience:

  • 1963-1965: Assistant professor, University of Innsbruck
  • 1966-1970: Research associate with Prof. E. Seibold, University of Kiel
  • 1970: Lecturer ("Dozent"), University of Kiel
  • 1973: Associate professor, University of Kiel
  • Spring 1985: Guest professor at Tongji University Shanghai
  • July 1985: Offer of the chair of marine geology at University of Bremen
  • Fall 1985-2004: Full professor at the University of Kiel
  • (1982-1985 and 1995-1998: Acting department director)
  • 1989-1995: Founder of the "Leibniz Labor für Altersbestimmung und Isotopenforschung" at Kiel University (= Laboratory for AMS-C14 dating)
  • 2000 - 2003: Executive Director of the IMAGES program
  • 2000 - 2005: Chairman of DFG Research Unit “Ocean Gateways” in Kiel
  • 2002 - 2004: Alternate member of the senate of Kiel University
  • Since October 2004: Retired Professor at Kiel University and Guest professor at Innsbruck University
  • 2007 – Present: Coordinator of “1-1-1” Program of China for the School of Ocean and Earth Sciences, Tongji University, Shanghai

Academic Scholarships, Awards, Honours:

  • 1975: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) scholarship for sabbatical leave as visiting scholar at Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory (LDGO), New York
  • 1976: CLIMAP scholarship for two-months visit at LDGO, New York
  • 1986/1987: DFG scholarship for a sabbatical leave at the University of Rhode Island (GSO), LDGO, New York, and the University of Cambridge, England
  • Dec. 1988: LEIBNIZ Award of the DFG (1.5 Million DM)
  • May 1990: Fellow of the Academia Europaea (London)
  • Sep. 1990: Corresponding Member of the Geologische Bundesanstalt Vienna, Austria
  • July 1994: Fellow of the German Academy of Natural Scientists in Halle ("Leopoldina")
  • May 1995: Corresponding Fellow of the Austrian Academy of Science in Vienna
  • May 1998: Honorary Professor at Tongji University, Shanghai
  • July 1999: Mèdaille Albert Ier, Prix Manley Bendall, Paris / Monte Carlo
  • April 2000: Honory Fellow of the Austrian Geological Society
  • April 2001: Honorary Fellow of the European Union of Geosciences, Strassburg
  • August 2003: Paleoceanography paper "Past extent of sea ice in the northern North Atlantic in¬ferred from foraminiferal paleotemperature estimates" was selected as AGU Journal Highlight
  • April 2005: Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
  • April 2006: Shephard medal of SEPM
  • April 2006: Milankovitch medal of the European Geosciences Union
  • Sept. 2009: Gustav Steinmann medal of the Geologische Vereinigung

Special research interests in Paleoclimatology and Paleoceanography include:

The history of the ocean salinity conveyor belt, in particular, of North Atlantic and North Pacific circulation, paleoproductivity and nutrient budgets of the ocean, deepwater paleoceano¬graphy and variations in the CO2 budget of the global ocean, short and long-term variability of African and Asian monsoonal climate and continental aridity, Neogene-to-Pleistocene isotope stratigraphy and sealevel history and origin of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation, high-resolution (C14) chrono¬stratigraphy and C14 reservoir ages of oceanic water masses, decadal-to-millennial-scale periodicities of climate change, origin of abrupt Pleistocene glacial terminations (95-ky cycles).

Author and co-author of almost 180 scientific papers and 50 other publications and reports. ISI: 6911 (Oct. 20, 2009)

Editor and/or Associate Editor
of Meteor Forschungsergebnisse, Geologische Rundschau, Paleoceanography, Catena, Quaternary Science Reviews, Marine Micropaleontology, Oceanologica Acta, and of 12 scientific books, ODP, and various journal volumes.

Supervisor of 5 habilitation theses, 36 Ph.D. theses, and more than 80 M.Sc.theses.

of numerous national and international scientific societies, research projects, committees, and panels (e.g., project evaluation committee IV of the Ocean Drilling Project, 1994/5; coordinator of the German PAGES-Marine research group and the national research project "Marine Paleoclimatology" 1983-2000; Executive director of IMAGES 2000-2003).

of more than 15 national and international symposia and conferences (e.g., of the 75th Annual Meeting of the Geologische Vereinigung: "Geology of the Oceans" in Kiel 1985; 4th Intern. Conference on Paleoceanography in Kiel, 1992; EUG special symposium Strasbourg, 1997; SCOR-IMAGES Trins workshop, 2000; session at EGS-AGU, Nice 2003; session at EGU Vienna 2005).

at more than 300 academic lectures, national and international meetings.

Scientific Expeditions: (+ = participation as (co-) chief scientist / P.I.)

  • 1971: Nearshore Saharan and offshore sediments, Northwest Africa (+)
  • 1971: Meteor cruise 25 to East Atlantic continental margin off Africa
  • 1976: DSDP Leg 47A, East Atlantic continental margin
  • 1979: Northwest Australia (+)
  • March and July 1983: Meteor cruise 65 and Polarstern cruise ANT Ic to the eq. East Atlantic (+)
  • 1984: Polarstern cruise ARK II/3 to the Fram Strait
  • 1985: Polarstern cruise ANT IV/Ic to Equatorial Atlantic (+)
  • 1986: ODP Leg 108, eastern and equatorial Atlantic (+)
  • 1988: Meteor cruise 6-5 to Eastern Equatorial Atlantic (+)
  • 1988: Meteor cruise 7-2 to N.E. Norwegian Sea (P.I.)
  • 1989: Meteor cruise 11-1 to central North Atlantic (+)
  • 1994: SONNE-Cruise 95: "MONITOR-MONSOON" to the South China Sea (+)
  • 1995: IMAGES- (maiden) cruise of N.S. MARION DUFRESNE to the Nordic Seas (P.I.)
  • 2001: IMAGES cruise VII to the Northwest Pacific (P.I.)
  • 2002: Polarstern cruise ARK 18/1 Polarstern cruise to the Debnmark Strait (P.I.)
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