Joel Samuelsson - Selected Publications#


2003: Tolkning och tillämpning (co-authored with J. Melander), 2nd ed., Iustus Förlag 2003 (Interpretation and application);

2008: Tolkning och utfyllning – undersökningar kring ett förmögenhetsrättsteoretiskt tema (Doctoral thesis), Iustus Förlag, 2008 (Interpretation and Filling-up, Studies on a theme in the law of obligations);

2011: Tolkningslärans gåta, Iustus Förlag 2011 (The Mystery of the Doctrine of Interpretation);

2023: Fullmaktsläran, (The Doctrine of Powers of Attorney), Iustus Förlag 2023.

Edited volumes:

2015: Juridikens termer (together with T. Andersson, M. Dahlberg and J. Reichel), 10th ed., Stockholm 2015) (The concepts of law);

2019: Vänbok till Lena Olsen (edited together with L. Zackariasson), Iustus Förlag, Uppsala 2019 (Liber Amicorum Lena Olsen)

Journal Articles (and Festschrifts):

Swedish Reporter, The Common Core of European Private Law:

a) 2015: V. Palmer (ed.), The Recovery of Non-pecuniary Loss in European Contract Law (Cambridge University Press (2015))

b) 2020: J. Baaij, D. Cabrelli, L. Macgregor (eds.), Interpretation of Commercial Contracts in European Contract Law (Intersentia (2020))

c) 2023: T. Rüfner (ed.), Remedies in European Contract Law (in press)

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