Arto Salomaa to Receive Honorary DSc Degree#

Long time Department of Computer Science colleague, Arto Salomaa of the Turku Center for Computer Science, University of Turku, Finland, was awarded a Doctor Honoris Causa degree by Western University on June 13, 2013. See also Western News. Here the laudatio as PDF File(info) . (Congratulations, Arto!)

A dialogue between Arto Salomaa and Cris Calude#

Poster announcing the 75 Birthday Symposium of Arto Salomaa:#

Birthday Symposium for Arto Salomaa

A very nice set of pictures from the conference , some of them with Arto and main organizers are shown below:

Arto Salomaa

Juhani Karhumäki

Grzegorz Rozenberg

Cris Calude

Video compiled by Cris Calude as birthday present for Arto Salomaa! (Click at the icon f)

Other pictures of Arto Salomaa#

Arto (sitting) and his friend Rozenberg

MSW= Maurer-Salomaa-Wood working on their EOL Form paper 1979

Arto Salomaa (on the right) receiving an honorary doctorate at Graz U. of Technology in 1999, one of his 9 honorary doctorates

Arto and Hermann Maurer preparing for thesis defense of Raija Laipälä in 1979

Salomaa and Wife-94
Arto and his wife in 1994

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Dear Professor Salomaa, I am really impressed that you have found the time to make so much interesting material available on this server!

--Wegner Liane, Sunday, 30. May 2010, 14:41

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