Ekhard Salje - Selected Publications#

According to the WOS/Core Collection, Ekhard Salje is credited of 697 publications (90 since January 2016). His scientific impact is demonstrated by more than 19 000 citations and a h-factor of 71.

Below are listed some of the most noticeable contributions devoted to Mineral Physics, in a broad definition and leaving aside the many contributions relevant to Solid State Physics.

1. Early work

Carpenter MA, Salje EKH, Graeme-Barber A (1998) Spontaneous strain as a determinant of thermodynamic properties for phase transitions in minerals. European Journal of Mineralogy 10, 621-691. 210 citations-

Carpenter MA, Salje EKH (1998) Elastic anomalies in minerals due to structural phase transitions. European Journal of Mineralogy 10, 693-812. 232 citations

2. Acoustic emission of minerals and domain boundaries in minerals

Salje EKH, Dahmen KA (2014) Crackling noise in disordered materials. Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 5, 233-254. 111 citations-

Baró J, Corral A, Illa X, Planes A, Salje EKH, Schranz W, Soto-Parra DE, Vives E (2012) Statistical similarity between the compression of a porous material and earthquakes. Physical Review Letters 110, 088702. 133 citations

3. Spectroscopy, dehydration and high pressure. Domain structures

Zhang M, Salje EKH, Farnan I, Graeme-Barber A, Daniel P, Ewing RC, Clark AM, Leroux H (2000) Metamictization of zircon: Raman spectroscopic study. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 12, 1915-1925. 150 citations

Zhang M, Hui Q, Lou XJ, Redfern SAT, Salje EKH, Tarantino SC (2006) Dehydroxylation, proton migration, and structural changes in heated talc: an infrared spectroscopic study. American Mineralogist 91, 816-825. 46 citations

4. Radiogenic minerals and radiation effects

Salje EKH, Chrosch J, Ewing RC (1999) Is “metamictization” of zircon a phase transition? American Mineralogist 84, 1107-1116. 143 citations-

Weber WJ, Ewing RC, Catlow CRA, Diaz De La Rubia T, Hobbs LW, Kinoshita C, Matzke HJ, Motta AT, Nastasi M, Salje EKH, Vance ER, Zinkle SJ (1998) Radiation effects in crystalline ceramics for the immobilization of high-level nuclear waste and plutonium. Journal of Materials Research‏ 13, 1434-1484. 731 citations.

5. Recent contributions

Salje EKH (2015) Tweed, twins, and holes. American Mineralogist 100, 343-351 (Invited Centennial Article).

Aufort J, Aktas O, Carpenter MA, Salje EKH (2015) Effect of pores and grain size on the elastic and piezoelectric properties of quartz-based materials. American Mineralogist 100, 1165-1171.

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