Helen Saibil - Selected Publications#

O’Driscoll, H, Clare, DK, Saibil, HR (2015) Remodelling of prion aggregates in yeast cells by the Hsp104-Hsp110 disaggregase machinery. J Cell Biol 211, 145-158.

Lukoyanova, N, Kondos, SC, Farabella, I, Law, RHP, Reboul, CF, Caradoc-Davies, TT, Spicer, BA, Kleifeld, O, Traore, D, Ekkel, SM, Voskoboinik, I, Trapani, JA, Hatfaludi, T, Oliver, K, Hotze, EM, Tweten, RK, Whisstock, JC, Topf, M, Saibil, HR & Dunstone, MA (2015) Conformational changes during pore formation by the perforin-related protein pleurotolysin. PLoS Biol. 13:e1002049.

Carroni, M, Kummer, E, Oguchi, Y, Wendler, P, Clare, DK, Sinning, I, Kopp, J, Mogk, A, Bukau, B, Saibil, H (2014) Head-to-tail interactions of the coiled-coil domains regulate ClpB cooperation with Hsp70 in protein disaggregation. eLife 3:e02481.

Housden NG, Hopper JT, Lukoyanova N, Rodriguez-Larrea D, Wojdyla JA, Klein A, Kaminska R, Bayley H, Saibil HR, Robinson CV, Kleanthous C. (2013) Intrinsically disordered protein threads through the bacterial outer-membrane porin OmpF. Science 340, 1570-1574.

Milanesi, L, Sheynis, T, Xue, W-F, Orlova, EV, Hellewell, AL, Jelinek, R, Hewitt, EW, Radford, SE, Saibil, HR (2012) Direct three-dimensional visualisation of membrane disruption by amyloid fibrils, PNAS 109, 20455-20460.

Saibil HR, Seybert A, Habermann A, Winkler J, Eltsov M, Perkovic M, Castaño-Diez D, Scheffer MP, Haselmann U, Chlanda P, Lindquist S, Tyedmers J, Frangakis AS (2012) Heritable yeast prions have a highly organized three-dimensional architecture with interfiber structures. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109, 14906-14911.

Clare, DK, Vasishtan, D, Stagg, S, Quispe, J, Farr, GW, Topf, M, Horwich, AL & Saibil, HR (2012) ATP-triggered molecular mechanics of the chaperonin GroEL. Cell 149, 113-123.

Malet, H, Canellas, F, Sawa, J, Yan, J, Thalassinos, K, Ehrmann, M, Clausen, T & Saibil, HR (2012) Newly folded substrates inside the molecular cage of the HtrA chaperone DegQ, Nature Struct. Mol. Biol. 19, 152-157.

Orlova EV, Saibil HR. (2011) Structural Analysis of Macromolecular Assemblies by Electron Microscopy. Chem. Rev. 111, 7710-7748.
Law, RHP, Lukoyanova, N, Voskoboinik, I, Caradoc-Davies, TT, Baran, K, Dunstone, MA, D’Angelo, ME, Orlova, EV, Coulibaly, F, Verschoor, S, Browne, KA, Ciccone, A, Kuiper, MJ, Bird, PI, Trapani*, JA, Saibil*, HR & Whisstock*, JC (2010) The structural basis for membrane binding and pore formation by lymphocyte perforin. Nature 468, 447-451. *joint corresponding authors

Wendler, P, Shorter, J, Snead, D, Plisson, C, Clare, DK, Lindquist, S, Saibil, HR (2009) Motor mechanism for protein threading through Hsp104. Mol. Cell 34, 81-92.

Clare, DK, Bakkes, PJ, van Heerikhuizen, H, van der Vies, SM & Saibil, HR (2009) Chaperonin complex with a newly folded protein encapsulated in the folding chamber. Nature 457, 107-110.
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