Niels-Eric Sahlin - Selected Publications#

Persson, Johannes, Vareman, Niklas, Sahlin, Nils-Eric: ”Unruhe und Ungewissheit: Stem Cells and Risks”, in Hermerén, G. and Hug, K. (eds.), Translational Stem Cell Research: Issues Beyond the Debated on the Moral Status of the Human Embryo, Human Press, Springer, Heidelberg 2011, 421-29.

Hermerén, Göran, Sahlin, Nils-Eric: ”Personalised, predictive and preventive medicine – perspectives, problems and possibilities,” Journal of Risk Research, 2011, 1-5.

Persson, Johannes, Sahlin, Nils-Eric: Vetenskapsteori för sanningssökare, Fri Tanke, 2013.

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Sahlin, N-E: 2001 Kreativitetens filosofi

Sahlin, N-E: 1990 The Philosophy of Frank Ramsey, Cambridge UP

Sahlin, N-E: “How to be 100% certain 99.5% of the time,” Journal of Philosophy, 83, 1986, 91-111.

Sahlin, N-E: “He is no good for my work”: On the philosophical relations between Ramsey and Wittgenstein, in Knowledge and Inquiry: Essays on Jaakko Hintikkas Epistemology and Philosophy of Science, ed by M. Sintonen, Poznan Studies in the Philosophy of Sciences and the Humanities, Amsterdam 1996, 61-84.

Sahlin, N-E and Kaså Palmé, M: "Ramsey sentences – an observation", in Ramsey’s Ontology, a special issue of Metaphysica, No. 3, 2005, 109-117.

Sahlin, N-E and Weirich P: "Unsharp Sharpness", Theoria 2013

Maurin, A-S and Sahlin N-E: "Some ontological speculations: Ramsey on universals, particulars and facts", in Ramsey’s Ontology, a special issue of Metaphysica, No. 3, 2005, 7-28

P. Gärdenfors and N.-E. Sahlin (1982) : “Unreliable probabilities, risk taking and decision making”, Synthese 53, pp. 361-386. Reprinted on pp. 313-334 in Decision, Probability and Utility, ed. by P. Gärdenfors and N.-E. Sahlin, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1988. Reprinted in The Economics of Uncertainty, ed. by D. Hey, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltham 1997.

P. Gärdenfors and N.-E. Sahlin (1983): “Decision making with unreliable probabilities”, British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology 36, pp. 240-251. Reprinted on pp. 146-157 in System Design for Human Interaction, ed. by A. P. Sage, IEEE Press, New York, 1987. Reprinted in Foundations of Probability, Econometrics and Economic Games, ed. by O. F. Hamouda and J. C. R. Rowley, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltham 1997.

R. Goldsmith and N.-E. Sahlin (1983): ”The role of second order probabilities in decision making”, Advances in Psychology 14, pp. 455–467.
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