Mart Saarma - Selected Publications#

1. Rivera, C., Voipio, J., Payne, J.A., Ruusuvuori, E., Lahtinen, H., Lamsa, K., Pirvola, U., Saarma, M. & Kaila, K. (1999) A K+/Cl- co-transporter KCC2 renders GABA hyperpolarizing during neuronal maturation. Nature 397, 251-255. (IF=42.3; Citations=1120).

2. Meng, X., Lindahl, M., Hyvönen, M. E., Parvinen, M., de Rooij, D. G., Hess, M. W., Raatikainen-Ahokas, A., Sainio, K., Rauvala, H., Lakso, M., Pichel, J. G. , Westphal, H., Saarma, M. & Sariola, H. (2000) Regulation of cell fate decision of undifferentiated spermatogonia by GDNF. Science, 287, 1489-1493.(IF=31.3; Citations=680).

3. Airaksinen, M. S. & Saarma, M. (2002) GDNF family neurotrophic factors: receptor mechanisms, biological functions and therapeutic utility. Nature Rev. Neurosci., 3, 383-394.(IF=31.4; Citations=879).

4. Rivera, C., Hong Li, Thomas-Crusells, J., Lahtinen, H., Viitanen, T., Nanobashvili, A., Kokaia, Z., Airaksinen, M. S., Voipio, J., Kaila, K. & Saarma, M. (2002). BDNF-induced TrkB activation down-regulates the K+–Cl- cotransporter KCC2 and impairs neuronal Cl- extrusion. J. Cell Biol., 159: 747-752. (IF=10.8; Citations=232).

5. Lindholm, P., Voutilainen, M .H., Laurén, J., Peränen, J., Leppänen, V-M., Andressoo, J-O., Lindahl, M., Janhunen, S., Kalkkinen, N., Timmusk, T., Tuominen, RK. and Saarma, M. (2007) Novel neurotrophic factor CDNF protects and rescues midbrain dopaminergic neurons in vivo. Nature, 448, 73-77. (IF=42.3; Citations= 146).

6. Voutilainen, M.H., Bäck, S., Pörsti, E., Toppinen, L., Lindgren, L., Lindholm, P., Peränen, J., Saarma, M*. and Tuominen, R. K. (2009) Neurotrophic factor MANF is neurorestorative in rat model of Parkinson’s disease . J. Neurosci., 29(30):9651-9659.* Corresponding author. (IF=6.75; Citations=69).

7. Lonka-Nevalaita L, Lume M, Leppänen S, Jokitalo E, Peränen J and Saarma M. (2010) Characterization of the intracellular localization, processing and secretion of two GDNF splice isoforms. J. Neurosci. , 30(34):11403-11413. (IF=6.75, Citations=25).

8. Bespalov MM, Sidorova Y A, Tumova S, Ahonen-Bishopp A, Magalhães AC, Kulesskiy E, Paveliev M, Rivera C, Rauvala H, and Saarma M. . (2011) Heparan sulfate proteoglycan syndecan-3 is a novel receptor for GDNF, neurturin and artemin J. Cell Biol., 192(1), 153-169. (IF=10.8; Citations=37).

9. Lindahl M, Danilova T, Palm E, Pulkkila P, Voikar V, Hakonen E, Ustinov J, Andressoo J-O, Harvery B, Otonkoski T, Rossi J and Saarma M. (2014). MANF is indispensable for the proliferation and survival of pancreatic β-cells. Cell Reports, 7(2):366-75. (IF=8.3; Citations=7).

10. Kopra J, Vilenius C, Grealish S, Härma A-M, Varendi K, Lindholm J, Castrén E, Võikar V, Björklund A, Piepponen TP, Saarma M*, Andressoo J-O* (2015) GDNF is not required for catecholaminergic neuron survival in vivo. Nature Neurosci. 18(3):319-22. doi: 10.1038/nn.3941. *equal contribution.(IF=14.9; Citations=0).

Total citations 14046; H index=53

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