Matthew Rosseinsky - Selected publications#

Polymorphism control of superconductivity and magnetism in Cs3C60 close to the Mott transition A. Y. Ganin, Y. Takabayashi, P. Jeglič, D. Arčon, A. Potočnik, P. J. Baker, Y. Ohishi, M. T. McDonald, M. D. Tzirakis, A. McLennan, G. R. Darling, M. Takata, M. J. Rosseinsky, K. Prassides, Nature 466, 221-225, 2010 (13 citations)

Y. Takabayashi, A. Y. Ganin, P. Jeglič, D. Arčon, T. Takano, Y. Iwasa, Y. Ohishi, M. Takata, N. Takeshita, K. Prassides, M. J. Rosseinsky The Disorder-Free Non-BCS superconductor Cs3C60 emerges from an antiferromagnetic insulator parent state Science 323, 1585 (2009) (38 citations)

Kuang, X., Green, M. A., Niu, H., Zajdel, P., Dickinson, C., Claridge, J. B., Jantsky, L., and Rosseinsky, M. J., Interstitial oxide ion conductivity in the layered tetrahedral network melilite structure. Nature Materials 7 (6), 498 (2008) (22 citations)

Ganin, A. Y., Takabayashi, Y., Khimyak, Y. Z., Margadonna, S., Tamai, A., Rosseinsky, M. J., and Prassides, K., Bulk superconductivity at 38K in a molecular system. Nature Materials 7 (5), 367 (2008) (69 citations)

Bradshaw, D., Warren, J. E., and Rosseinsky, M. J., Reversible concerted ligand substitution at alternating metal sites in an extended solid. Science 315 (5814), 977 (2007) (121 citations)

An adaptable peptide-based porous material J. Rabone, Y.-F. Yue, S.Y. Chong, K.C. Stylianou, J. Bacsa, D. Bradshaw, G.R. Darling, N. G. Berry, Y. Z. Khimyak, A.Y. Ganin, P. Wiper, J.B. Claridge and M.J. Rosseinsky Science 329, 1053-1057, 2010 (38 citations)

Chemical Bonding and Atomic Structure in Y2O3:ZrO2-SrTiO3 Layered Heterostructures. M.S. Dyer, G.R. Darling, J.B. Claridge and M.J. Rosseinsky Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51, 3481, 2012 (0 citations)

Artificial construction of the layered Ruddlesden-Popper manganite La2Sr2Mn3O10 by RHEED monitored pulsed laser deposition. R.G. Palgrave, P. Borisov, M.S. Dyer, S.R.C. McMitchell, J.B. Claridge, M. Batuk, H.Tan, H. Tian, J. Verbeeck, J. Hadermann M.J. Rosseinsky, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2012 doi 10.1021/ja211138x (0 citations)

Ingleson, M. J., Barrio, J. P., Guilbaud, J. B., Khimyak, Y. Z., and Rosseinsky, M. J., Framework functionalisation triggers metal complex binding. Chemical Communications (23), 2680 (2008) (84 citations)

A family of nanoporous materials based on an amino acid backbone.
Vaidhyanathan, R., Bradshaw, D., Rebilly, J. N., Barrio, J. P., Gould, J. A., Berry, N. G., and Rosseinsky, M. J.
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 45, 6495-6499, 2006 (144 citations)
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