Ronald Rogowski - Selected Publications#


1. Shocks to the System, under contract with Cambridge University Press, ms. due to press September 2021(six of eight chapters completed)

2. Electoral Systems and the Balance of Consumer-Producer Power(with Eric Chang, Mark Kayser, and Drew Linzer), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011.

3.Commerce and Coalitions, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1989.

4. Rational Legitimacy: A Theory of Political Support, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1974.

Peer-reviewed articles(selected):

1. “Enduring the Great Recession: Economic Integration in the European Union,” (with Lauren Peritz, Ryan Weldzius, and Thomas Flaherty), Review of International Organizations, January 2021 (

2. “Rising Inequality as a Challenge to the Liberal International Order,” (with Thomas Flaherty), contribution to the special 75th anniversary issue of International Organization, Summer 2021

3.“Shooting (or Ignoring) the Messenger: Why Policy-Relevant Research in Political Science Rarely Affects Policy,” contribution to special section of Political Studieson “TheSocialRelevanceand‘Impact’ ofPoliticalScience,” Vol.11 No.2 May 2013

4. “Slavery: A Dual-Equilibrium Model with Some HistoricalExamples,” Public Choice, September 2011, pp. 1-21

5. “Electoral Institutions and Real Prices Around the World, 1972 to 2000,” (with Drew Linzer), Journal of Politics, Vol. 70, January2008

6. “Electoral Systems and Real Prices: Panel Evidence for the OECD Countries, 1970-2000,” (with Eric Chang and Mark Kayser) British Journal of"Political Science, Vol. 38, 4,2008

7. “Majoritarian Electoral Systems and Consumer Power: Price-Level Evidence from the OECD States,” (with Mark Kayser) American Journal of Political Science, Vol. 46, 3, July 2002

8. “The Political Economy of International Trade: Enduring Puzzles and an Agenda for Inquiry,” James E. Alt, Jeffry Frieden, Michael J. Gilligan, Dani Rodrik, and Ronald Rogowski, Comparative Political Studies, Vol. 29, 6, December 1996

9. "The Role of Theory and Anomaly in Social-Scientific Inference,” American Political Science Review, Vol. 89, 2, June 1995

10. "Political Cleavages and Changing Exposure to Trade," American Political Science Review, Vol. 81, 4, December 1987

11. “Structure, Growth, and Power: Three Rationalist Accounts,” International Organization,37, Autumn 1983

12. "Trade and the Variety of Democratic Institutions," International Organization, 41, Spring 1987

13."The End Game in Presidential Nominations," Donald Collat, Stanley Kelly, Jr., and Ronald Rogowski, American Political Science Review, 75, June 1981

Chapters in edited volumes(recent only):

1. “The Rise of Experimentation in Political Science,” in: Emerging Trends in the Behavioral and Social Sciences, eds. Robert A. Scott, Stephen M. Kosslyn, andMarlis Buchmann. John Wiley and Sons, 2016.

2.(with Jeffry Frieden) “Modern Capitalism: Enthusiasts, Opponents, and Reformers,” in: The Cambridge History of Capitalism,Volume II:The Spread of Capitalism, edited by Larry NealandJeffrey Williamson. Cambridge University Press, 2014, chapter 12.

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