Karin Roelofs - Publications#

Publications: Total = 115; international refereed journals = 94, book(chapter)s = 21. Total citations = 4262; H-index = 39).

Selection of 10 high impact [IF]] papers in the past 5 years

1. Roelofs, K. (2017). Freeze for Action. Neurobiological mechanisms in animal and human freezing. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B. 372;20160206. [IF = 6.3]]

2 van der Schaaf ME, De Lange FP, Schmits IC, Geurts DE, Roelofs K, ea. (2017). Prefrontal Structure Varies as a Function of Pain Symptoms in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Biol Psychiatry. 81(4):358-365. [IF = 11.2]]

3. Tyborowska A, Volman I, Smeekens S, Toni I, Roelofs K. 2016. Testosterone during Puberty Shifts Emotional Control from Pulvinar to Anterior Prefrontal Cortex. J Neurosci. 36(23):6156-64. [IF = 7.1]]

4. Ly V, von Borries AK, Brazil IA, Bulten BH, Cools R, Roelofs K. 2016. Reduced transfer of affective value to instrumental behavior in violent offenders. J Abnorm Psychol. 125(5):657-63. . [IF = 5.5]]

5. Radke S, Volman I, Mehta P, ea, de Bruijn E, Roelofs K. 2015. Testosterone biases the amygdala towards social threat approach. Science Advances,1:e1400074

6. Mehta PH, van Son V, Welker KM, Prasad S, Sanfey AG, Smidts A, Roelofs K. 2015. Exogenous testosterone in women enhances and inhibits competitive decision-making depending on victory-defeat experience and trait dominance. Psychoneuroendocrinology. 60:224-36. [IF = 5.5]]

7. Ly V, Cools R, Roelofs K. 2014. Aversive disinhibition of behavior and striatal signaling in social avoidance. Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci. (SCAN) , 10:1530-1536. [IF = 6.5]]

8. Hagenaars M, Oitzl M, Roelofs K. 2014. Updating freeze: Aligning animal and human research. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, 47:165-76 [IF =10.28]]

9. Volman I, Roelofs K, Koch S, Verhagen L, Toni I. 2012. Anterior Prefrontal Cortex Inhibition Impairs Control over Social Emotional Actions. Curr Biol. 21(20):1766-70. [IF = 11.4]]

10. Volman I, Toni I, Verhagen L, Roelofs K. 2012. Endogenous testosterone modulates prefrontal-amygdala connectivity during social emotional behavior. Cereb Cortex. 21(10):2282-90. [IF = 7.2 ]]

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