Stéphane Robert - Selected Publications#

H-index: 17
Citations (google scholar): 1039

1. Robert S. 1991. Une approche énonciative du système verbal: le cas du wolof. Paris: Editions du CNRS, collection Sciences du langage, 354 p.

2. Hickmann M. & S. Robert (eds). 2006. Space in languages: linguistic systems and cognitive categories [TSL 66]]. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

3. Robert S. in press. The challenge of polygrammaticalization for linguistic theory: fractal grammar and transcategorial functioning. Cognitive Linguistic Studies (special issue on transcategoriality).

4. Robert S. & G. Segerer. In press. Joola Keeraak : A grammatical introduction. In The Oxford guide to the Atlantic languages of West Africa, F. Lüpke (ed.). Oxford : Oxford University Press.

5. Robert S. 2017. Predication in Wolof (Atlantic, Niger-Congo). In Corpus-based cross-linguistic studies on Predication. Mettouchi A., Frajzyngier Z. & Chanard C. (eds), Accessed on DD/MM/YYYY.

6. Robert S. 2016. Tense and aspect in the verbal system of Wolof. In Aspectuality and temporality: descriptive and theoretical issues [SLC 172]], Z. Guentchéva (ed): 171-230. Amsterdam : John Benjamins.

7. Pozdniakov K. & S. Robert. 2015. Les classes nominales en wolof : fonctionnalités et singularités d’un système restreint. In Les classes nominales dans les langues atlantiques, D. Creissels & K. Pozdniakov (éds): 567-655. Köln : Rüdiger Köppe

8. Magne Cyrille, Mireille Besson & Stéphane Robert. 2014. Context influences the processing of verb transitivity in French sentences: more evidence for semantic-syntax interactions. Language and Cognition 6/2: 181-216.

9. Robert S. 2010, Clause chaining and conjugations in Wolof: a typology of parataxis and its semantics, In Clause hierarchy and clause linking: syntax and pragmatics. [SLC 121]], I. Bril (ed): 469-498. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

10. Rialland A. & S. Robert. 2001. The intonational system of Wolof. Linguistics 39-5: 893-939.

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