Luigi Rizzi - Selected Publications#

  • "Null Objects in Italian and the Theory of pro", Linguistic Inquiry 17:501-557. 1986
  • “Psych-Verbs and Th-Theory", Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 6:291-352. 1988 (with Adriana Belletti)
  • Relativized Minimality, MIT Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1990
  • "Root Null Subjects and Early Null Subjects", in T. Hoekstra and B.Schwartz (eds.), Language Acquisition Studies in Generative Grammar,John Benjamins, Amsterdam, 1994
  • "The Fine Structure ofthe Left Periphery", in L. Haegeman (ed.)Elements of Grammar, Kluwer Publications, Dordrecht, 281-337, 1997
  • Agreement and Tense as Distinct Syntactic Positions: Evidencejrom Acquisition, Université di Siena, 1999 (with Maria Teresa Guasti)The Structure of CP and IP: The Cartography of Syntactic Structures, Vol. 2 (ed,) Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2004
  • “Locality and left periphery", in. A. Belletti (ed,) Structures and Beyond.The Cartography ofSyntactic Structures vol. 3, Oxford University Press,Oxford, 223-251, 2004

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