Piet Rietveld - Publications (selected list)#

Rietveld, P. and F. Bruinsma, Is transport infrastructure effective? Transport infrastructure and accessibility: impacts on the space economy, Springer, Berlin, 1998.

Emmerink, R., E. Verhoef, P. Nijkamp and P. Rietveld, Information policy in road transport with elastic demand, European Economic Review, vol. 42, 1998, pp.71-95.

Rietveld, P., F. Bruinsma, D. van Vuuren, Coping with unreliability in public transport chains: a case study for Netherlands, Transportation Research A, vol. 35, 2001, pp.539-559.

Rietveld, P., Why railways passengers are more polluting in the peak than in the off-peak; environmental effects of capacity management by railway companies under conditions of fluctuating demand, Transportation Research D, Vol. 7, 2002, pp. 347-356

P. Rietveld, R. Roson, Direction dependent prices in public transport: A good idea? The back haul pricing problem for a monopolistic public transport firm, Transportation, Vol. 29, 2002, pp. 397-417

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