Annie Rialland - Selected Publications#

Edited books

1. "Linguistique africaine: perspectives croisées", Jean-Léo Léonard and Annie Rialland. Mémoires de la Société de Linguistique de Paris, 2018

2. "Intonation in African Tone Languages", Laura Downing and Annie Rialland. Mouton de Gruyter, 2016

3. "Features in phonology and phonetics. Posthumous writings by Nick Clements and coauthors" , Annie Rialland, Rachid Ridouane and Harry van der Hulst. Mouton de Gruyter, 2015

Articles or book chapters

1. "Intonation in Bantu languages", Annie Rialland, in Oxford Guide to the Bantu languages, E. Hurst, N. Kula, L. Marten and J. Zeller (eds.), Oxford University Press, to appear

2. "Downstep and linguistic scaling in Dagara-Wulé", Annie Rialland et Penu-Achille Somé, in Tones and features: phonetic and phonological perspectives, J. Goldsmith, E. Hume et L. Wetzels (eds.), De Gruyter-Mouton, Berlin/Boston, pp. 108-136, 2011

3. "The African lax question prosody: its realisations and geographical distribution", Lingua, vol 19 - 6, pp. 928-949, 2009

4. "Africa as a phonological area ", N. Clements et A. Rialland, in Africa as a linguistic area, B. Heine and D. Nurse (eds.), Cambridge University Press, pp 36-85, 2008

5. "Phonological and phonetic aspects of whistled languages", Annie Rialland, Phonology 22-2, pp. 237-271, 2005

6. "The intonational system of Wolof", Annie Rialland and Stéphane Robert, Journal of Linguistics 39-5, pp. 873-939, 2001

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