Félix A. Rey - Selected publications#

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Book chapter • Rey FA, Lepault J and Cohen J. The three-dimensional structure of rotavirus VP6. In "Viral Gastroenteritis", U. Desselberger and J. Gray, Editors. Perspectives in Medical Virology Series, Vol 9. (Zuckerman and Mushahwar, Series editors) ISBN 0 444 51444 9. Elsevier, Amsterdam. Pages 129-142. (2003)

Others • Rey, FA. A dimer of trimers of Rotavirus protein VP6 as a possible intermediate in the assembly of the viral particle. CR Acad. Agr. Fr. 85 19-21. (1999) - See more at: http://www.pasteur.fr/en/research/virology/units-groups/structural-virology/team/publications-felix-rey#sthash.ypwI9oSN.dpuf

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