Thomas Reuter - Selected Publications#

(1) T.A. Reuter, 2002. Custodians of the Sacred Mountains: Culture and Society in the Highlands of Bali. Honolulu: Hawaii University Press. 400 pp., index and photos. ARC QE2 fellowship.
First part of ethnography of highland Bali. Among 600 best academic titles worldwide (2002) by Choice (US Libraries journal). Prof Geertz: “most exciting and innovative study on Bali in decades”.

(2) T.A. Reuter, 2002. The House of Our Ancestors: Precedence and Dualism in Highland Balinese Society. Leiden (Netherlands): KITLV Press. ARC QE2 Fellowship.
Second part of highland Bali ethnography. Awarded Australian Academy of the Humanities publication grant. Referred to by leading scholars. Analyses local symbolic economy, hence highly relevant to the proposed research.

(3) T.A. Reuter, ed., 2006. Sharing the Earth, Carving up the Land: Territorial categories and institutions in the Austronesian world. Comparative Austronesian Project Monograph Series, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies. Canberra: Australian National University Press. ARC QE2 Fellowship.
Important work documenting people’s traditional relationship to land in Southeast Asia; widely cited. Highly relevant to this research as it explores the cultural and moral foundations of local agricultural systems.

(4) T.A. Reuter, 2008. Global Trends in Religion and the Reaffirmation of Hindu Identity in Bali. Clayton: Monash Asia Institute Press. ARC Future Fellowship.
Seminal work exploring global trends in religion following societal shift to late modernity. Favourable reviews and cited by Martin Geoffroy, arguably the world’s leading expert on late modern religious trends.

(5) T.A. Reuter, ed., 2010. The Return to Constitutional Democracy in Indonesia. Caulfield: Monash University Press. ARC Discovery.
This volume examines political change in Indonesia across all post-Suharto administrations. A timely, widely cited review of the democratisation process since 1998, its strengths, weaknesses and local impact.

(6) T.A. Reuter, & A. Horstmann (eds), 2013. Faith in the Future: Understanding the Revitalization of Religions and Cultural Traditions in Asia. Leiden: Brill. ARC Future Fellowship / ARC Discovery.
Explores the global phenomenon of religious and cultural revitalisation – a utopian project of local populations seeking greater autonomy and ownership of their globalised lives. Widely cited; used as textbook.

(7) T.A. Reuter, ed., 2015. Averting a Global Environmental Collapse: The Role of Anthropology and Local Knowledge. IUAES Scientific Commission for Anthropology and Environment. London: Cambridge Scholars Publications. Non-ARC.
Landmark article showing how anthropologists contribute to sustainable societies, calling for active engagement with local populations and their knowledge to produce more sustainable agriculture, development and resource management policies.

(8) T.A. Reuter 2019. German Cultural Diplomacy in Indonesia: Building Cooperation in a Shrinking World. ifa-Edition Kultur und Außenpolitik. Stuttgart: Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen. 155pp.
Major study of Germany's bilateral relationship with Indonesia, commissioned by the German Foreign Office..

Book Chapters

(9) T.A. Reuter, 2013. ‘Anthropology and environmental change from a holistic and cultural perspective.’ Peer reviewed article in the World Social Science Report 2013: Changing Global Environments. Paris: UNESCO and International Social Science Council. ARC Discovery.
Review article showcasing anthropological research on environmental change. Report has had 20,000 downloads, print copies were distributed globally, official launches at ICSU, UNESCO and Belmont Forum Congresses.

Ethnographic Documentary Film

(10) T.A. Reuter, 2013. The Java Spirit: Religious Diversity in Indonesia. An ethnographic documentary film; 45 minutes; Indonesian with English subtitles. Published as a DVD by Ronin Films, Canberra. ARC Future Fellowshp.
Featured at “Culture Unplugged’ Film Festival 2013. 21,500 downloads on >10 open-access platforms. Shares with wider public my findings on contemporary Indonesian religion, challenging mainstream media assumptions of Indonesian fundamentalism.

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