Colin Renfrew (Lord Renfrew of Kaimsthorn)#

Selected Publications#

  • 1972 The Emergence of Civilisation: The Cyclades and the Aegean in The Third Millennium BC. London, Methuen.
  • 1973 Before Civilisation, the Radiocarbon Revolution and Prehistoric Europe. London, Cape. (1973, New York, Knopf; 1976 London, Penguin; 1979 New York, Cambridge University Press; 1979, Tokyo, Iwanami Gendai Sensho; *1984 Paris, Flammarion.)
  • 1987 Archaeology and Language: The Puzzle of the Indo-European Origins. London, Jonothan Cape. (Rome, La Terza, 1989; Paris, Flammarion,1990; Barcelona, Editorial Critica, 1990; New York, Cambridge University Press, 1991.)
  • 1991 Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice. London, Thames and Hudson. (with Paul Bahn). Third Edition 2000.
  • 1992 Archaeology, genetics and linguistic diversity, Man 27, 445-78.
  • 2000 Loot, Legitimacy and Ownership. London, Duckworth.
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