Carsten Reinhardt - Selected Publications#

“"This Other Method": The Dynamics of NMR in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,” Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, 47 (2017), 389-422.

“Experimental Turnaround, 360°: The Essential Kuhn Circle,” in: A. Blum et al. (eds.), Shifting Paradigms. Thomas S. Kuhn and the History of Science, Edition Open Access: 2016, pp. 295-299.

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“The Olfactory Object. Toward a History of Smell in the Twentieth Century,” in U. Klein et al. (eds.), Objects of Chemical Inquiry. Sagamore Beach: Science History Publications 2014, pp. 321-341.

“Limit Values and the Boundaries of Science and Technology,” Comptes Rendus Chimie 15 (2012), 595-602.

“Expertise in Methods, Methods of Expertise,” in: M. Carrier et al. (eds.), Science in the Context of Application, Dordrecht: Springer 2011, pp. 143-159 (Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science 274).

Shifting and Rearranging. Physical Methods and the Transformation of Modern Chemistry. Sagamore Beach, Mass.: Science History Publications, 2006. 438 pp.

“A Lead User of Instruments in Science. John D. Roberts and the Adaptation of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Organic Chemistry, 1955-1975,” Isis 97 (2006), 205-236.

“Academia and Industry in Chemistry. The Impact of State Intervention and the Effects of Cultural Values” (with H.G. Schröter), Ambix 51 (2004), 99-106.

“Chemistry in a Physical Mode. Molecular Spectroscopy and the Emergence of NMR,” Annals of Science 61 (2004), 1-32.

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