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A. Reggiani (1998a), “Towards the Complex City: Approaches and Experiments”, in C.S. Bertuglia, G. Bianchi, A. Mela (eds.), The City and its Sciences, Springer Verlag, Berlin, pp. 797-824.

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A. Reggiani (2008), “Networks and Accessibility Structures: German Commuting Patterns”, in U. Becker, J. Böhmer and R. Gerike (eds), How to Define and Measure Access and Need Satisfaction in Transport, Dresden Institute for Transportation and Environment (DIVU), Issue 7, University of Dresden, Dresden, pp. 95-108.

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K. Button, A. Reggiani (eds.) (2011), Transportation and Economic Development Challenges, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.

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A. Reggiani (2013), “Network Resilience for Transport Security: Some Methodological Considerations”, Transport Policy, Vol. 28, pp. 63-68.

A. Reggiani (2014), “Complexity and Spatial Networks”, in M. Fischer and P. Nijkamp (eds), Handbook of Regional Science, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg and New York, pp. 811-832.

G. Russo, F. Tedeschi, A. Reggiani, P. Nijkamp (2014), “Commuter Effects on Local Labour Markets: A German Modelling Study”, Urban Studies, Vol.1, No 3, pp. 493-508.

M. Modica, A. Reggiani (2015), “Spatial Economic Resilience: Overview and Perspectives”, Networks and Spatial Economics, Vol.15, No. 2, pp. 211-233.

A. Reggiani, P. Nijkamp (2015), “Did Zipf Anticipate Spatial Connectivity Structures?”, Environment and Planning B, Vol 42, pp. 468¬-489.

J. Osth, A. Reggiani, G. Galiazzo (2015), “Spatial Economic Resilience and Accessibility: A Joint Perspective”, Computer, Environment and Urban Systems, Vol. 49, pp. 148-159.
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