Daniel Recasens - Selected Publications#

(2018) Recasens, D. Coarticulation, in M. Aronoff (Editor-in-Chief)/D. Whalen (Senior Editor), The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics, Oxford University Press.

(2018) Recasens, D. The production of consonant clusters. Implications for phonology and sound change, Phonetics and Phonology Series, De Gruyter.

(2014) Recasens, D. Coarticulation and sound change in Romance, Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 329, John Benjamins, Amsterdam.
Reviews: Stoll, T. in Journal of the International Phonetic Association (2017); Rao, R. in Diachronica, 32, 434-440 (2015); Sampson, R. in Revue de Linguistique Romane, 70, 525-533 (2015); Villalobos, L. in Estudios de Lingüística Aplicada (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), 62, 273-277 (2015); Carignan, C. in Language Dynamics and Change, 6, 157-161 (2016).

(2016) Recasens, D. Stressed vowel assimilation to palatal consonants in Early Romance, Journal of Historical Linguistics, 6, 201-246. Cite Score: 0.590, SNIP 1.673, SIR 0.322.

(2016) Recasens, D. & Rodríguez, C. A study on coarticulatory resistance and aggressiveness for front lingual consonants and vowels using ultrasound, Journal of Phonetics, 59, 58-75. Impact factor: 1.352.

(2013) Recasens, D. (Alveolo)palatal consonants and their classification in the IPA, Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 43, 1-22. Impact factor: 0.595.

(2009 ) Recasens, D. & Espinosa, A. An EMA investigation of lingual coarticulatory resistance and aggressiveness for consonants and vowels in Catalan VCV sequences, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 125, 2288-2298. Impact factor:1.547.

(2006) Recasens, D. & Espinosa, A. Dispersion and variability in Catalan vowels, Speech Communication, 48, 645-666. Impact factor 1.768.

(2002) Recasens, D. Weakening and strenghtening in Romance revisited, Rivista di Linguistica, 14, 327-373.

(1997) Recasens, D., Pallarès, M.D. & Fontdevila, J. A model of lingual coarticulation based on articulatory constraints, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 102, 544-561. Impact factor:1.547.

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