Tudor Ratiu - Selected Publications#


"Introduction to Mechanics and Symmetry", with J.E. Marsden, Texts in Applied Matematics 17, Springer Verlag, 500 pages, 1994, second enlarged and revised edition, 582 pages, 1999, with Internet Supplement, 89 pages,
http://www.cds.caltech.edu/~marsden/books/node18.html and Solutions Manual. Translated into German and Chinese

"Momentum Maps and Hamiltonian Reduction", with J.-P. Ortega, Progress in Mathematics, 222, 531 pages, Birkhäuser-Verlag, Boston, 2004. Winner of the Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer Prize

2.) 8 PAPERS

Bloch, A.M., Flaschka, H., and Ratiu, T.S. , A Schur-Horn-Kostant convexity theorem for the diffeomorphism group of the annulus, Invent. Math., 113, 511-529., 1993

Cendra, H., Marsden, J.E., and Ratiu, T.S., Lagrangian reduction by stages, Memoirs of the AMS, vol. 152 , nr. 722, 2001

Hochgerner, S. and Ratiu, T.S., Geometry of nonholonomic diffusion, Journ. Europ. Math. Soc,, 17, 273-319, 2015
Gay-Balmaz, F. and Ratiu, T.S., The geometry of the universal Teichmüller space and the Euler-Weil-Petersson equation, Advances in Mathematics, 279, 717-778, 2015

Demoures, F., Gay-Balmaz, F., and Ratiu, T.S., Multisymplectic variational integrators for nonsmooth Lagrangian continuum mechanics, Forum of Mathematics, Sigma, Vol.4, e19, 54 pages, doi:10.1017/fms.2016.17, 2016

Gualtieri, M., Li, S. Pelayo, A., and Ratiu, T.S., The tropical momentum map: a classification of toric log symplectic manifolds, Math. Annalen}, 367, 1217-1258, 2017

Bloch, A.M., Gay-Balmaz, F., and Ratiu T.S., The geometric nature of the Flaschka transformation, Comm. Math. Phys., 352 (2), 457-517, 2017

Cruzeiro, A.B., Holm, D.D., and Ratiu, T.S., Momentum maps and stochastic Clebsch action principles, Comm. Math. Phys., 357 (2), 873-912,2018


MathSciNet: 4042 citations by 2439 authors

Google Scholar citations: All: h-index 55, i10-index 158, 26290 citations; since 2014: h-index 26, i10-index 82, 5999 citations

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