Peter Raspor - Publications#

Bibliography(info) (2016)

Professor dr. Peter Raspor, DDr. H. C.
University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical faculty, Department of Food science and Technology,
Chair of biotechnology, microbiology and food safety
Jamnikarjeva 101, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Subject Specialty

In research during last 30 years:

  • Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics of Yeasts with particular interest in biomass production, ethanol production, extra cellular enzymes synthesis, metal accumulation and flocculation in normal and stress conditions.
  • Solid state cultivation and food processing waste recycling.
  • All aspects of food and beverage fermentation technology from point of view of Biotechnology and microbiology.
  • Starter culture production for food biotechnology and food safety.
  • Food safety issues within food supply chain (last 10 years)

In Pedagogical area during last 30 years:

  • Developing new concepts of knowledge transfer in biotechnology and food safety area for graduate and postgraduate studies.
  • New conceptual approaches for practicum in biotechnology field and food safety field.
  • Concept and design of university courses on Bsc, Msc and doctoral level for biotechnology and food safety according to Bologna principles

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