Gillian Ramchand - Selected Publications#

2018 "Situations and Syntactic Structures: Auxiliaries and Ordering in English", Linguistic Inquiry Monograph Series 77. Cambridge MA: MIT Press.

2017 `The Event Domain' in "The Verbal Domain", Irene Franco and Roberta D'Alessandro (eds).

2015 Encoding Event Structure in Urdu/Hindi Verbnet. with Annette Hautli-Janisz and Tracy Holloway King. Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on EVENTS:Definition, Detection, Coreference and Representation (NAACL).

2014 `Deriving the Functional Hierarchy' with Peter Svenonius. Language Sciences, 46: 152-174.

2014 `Structural Meaning and Conceptual Meaning in Verb Semantics' Linguistic Analysis, 39: 211-247.

2014 `Argument Structure: Creating a Productive Space for Theory and Experimentation' in Structuring the Argument: Multidisciplinary research on verb argument structure. Bachrach, Roy and Stockall (eds), pp 185-200. John Benjamins. Language Faculty and Beyond Series.

2014 `Causal Chains and Instrumental Case in Hindi/Urdu' Causation in Grammatical Structures, B. Copley and F. Martin (eds.), Oxford University Press.

2014 `Objects as Locations in English and Mainland Scandinavian' with Bjoern Lundquist. Journal of Comparative Germanic Syntax.

2014 `Deriving Variable Linearization' Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.

2013 `Argument Structure and Argument Structure Alternations' in Cambridge Handbook of Generative Syntax, M. den Dikken (ed.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

H-index 25.

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