Gillian Ramchand - Curriculum Vitae#

  • June 1988-March 1993 Dept. of Linguistics, Stanford University.
  • M.A. in Linguistics (October 1992)
  • PhD in Linguistics (September 1993).
  • Aug 1984-May 1988 Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Received B.S. in Mathematics (May 1988)
  • Received B.S. in Philosophy (May 1988)
  • Dissertation
    "Aspect and Argument Structure in Modern Scottish Gaelic"
    Peter Sells, Stanford University
    Jim McCloskey, University of California at Santa Cruz
    Paul Kiparsky, Stanford University
    Henriette de Swart, Stanford University

  • 2018-2022 Principal Investigator: Research Council of Norway FRIHUM grant.
    Modal Concepts and Compositionality: New Directions in Experimental Semantics
    9 million Norwegian kroner over 3 years.
  • 2015-present Research Group Leader CASTL-FISH Formal Investigations into Structure and Hierarchy
    Research Excellence Group funded by University of Tromsoe.
  • 2012-2016 Principal Investigator. Research Council of Norway FRIHUM grant.
    Transitivity Alternations in English and Norwegian: Experimental Investigations
    University of Tromsoe, Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education.
    (5.637 million Norwegian Kroner over 3 years). Project Number 213470/F10.
  • 2005-present Senior Researcher in Syntax/Semantics, CASTL
    One of six core researchers (Center for the Advanced Study of Theoretical Linguistics )
    (A Research Centre with a 10 year grant from the Norwegian Research Council)
  • 2009-present Project Member
    Nominalizations. Explorations at the Syntax-Lexicon and Syntax-semantics interfaces.
    DAAD project 199852, University of Tromsoe, University of Stuttgart, University of Paris.

Phd Theses
  • 2002 Constructing Telicity in English and Italian (R. Folli), Oxford University (with Prof. J. T. Higginbotham)
  • 2002 Information Structure in Japanese (H. Tanaka), Oxford University
  • 2002 Anaphora and the Bilingual (D. Leigh), Oxford University
  • 2003 Imperative Clause Structure in English and Scandinavian (B. Jensen), Oxford University (with Prof. A. Holmberg)
  • 2003 The Semantics of Spatial and Directional Prepositions (D. Maillat), Oxford University
  • 2004 Perfectivity in Russian (E. Romanova), University of Tromsoe (with Tarald Taraldsen)
  • 2011 Tense, Modality and Aspect in Saamaka (M. van de Vate), University of Tromsoe.
  • 2012 A profile of the Hungarian DP (Eva Dekany), University of Tromsoe.
  • 2013 Context and (Co)reference in the Syntax and its Interfaces (Sandhya Sundaresan), University of Tromsoe.
  • 2015 Adjectival and Genitival Modification in the Icelandic DP (Alexander P. Pfaff), University of Tromsoe.
  • 2017 Dependent Plurals and the Semantics of Distributivity (Sergey Minor), University of Tromsoe.

  • MPhil Theses, Oxford University (selected 1994-2003)
  • 1999 Issues in the Syntax and Semantics of Romanian (R. Sichitiu)
  • 2000 Scrambling and Information Structure in German (C. Hoyer)
  • 2001 German Denominal Verbs and the Syntax of Argument Structure (P. Lucas)
  • 2002 Restructuring in Slovene (S. Dobnik)
  • 2003 Comparative Subdeletion in Modern Greek (E. Daskalaki)
  • 2004 Attributive Adjectives and the Nominals they Modify (R. Truswell)

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