Ian Ralston - Selected Publications#


2015: (with F. J. Hunter, eds) Scotland in later prehistoric Europe. Edinburgh: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.

2013: Celtic fortifications. Stroud: History Press. 224 pp.

2013 : (with S. Krausz, A. Colin, K. Gruel & T. Dechezleprêtre, dir) L’Age du Fer en Europe: mélanges offerts à Olivier Buchsenschutz. Bordeaux: AUSONIUS Editions Mémoires 32. 688pp.

2012: (with L. Augier, O. Buchsenschutz, R. Durand, A. Filippini, D. Germinet, M. Levéry, P. Maçon, B. Pescher, M. Salin & J. Troadec) Un complexe princier de l’âge du Fer : le quartier artisanal de Port Sec sud à Bourges (Cher). Vol 1 – analyse des structures et du mobilier ; Vol 2 – description des structures. Tours/Bourges: Revue Archéologique Centre France Suppl. 41 = Bituriga, Monographie 2012–1. 232 + 454 pp.

2009: (as co-editor, with J. R. Hunter) The Archaeology of Britain: an introduction from Earliest Times to the Twenty-First Century. Abingdon: Routledge. 454 pp. 2 edn.

2006: (as co-editor, with J. R. Hunter) Archaeological Resource Management in the UK: an introduction. Stroud: Sutton Publishing. 2 edn. xiv + 402 pp.


2011: (with Jones, Rebecca) ‘Artefacts and sites: a long and problematic relationship’, Scottish Archaeological Journal 32.1, 2010 (2011), 1-13.

2010: ‘Fragile States in Mid-first Millennium B.C. Temperate Western Europe? The View from Bourges’, Social Evolution & History 9.2, 135-159.

2009: ‘Gordon Childe and Scottish archaeology: the Edinburgh Years 1927-1946’, European Journal of Archaeology 12 (1-3), 47-90.

1988: ‘Central Gaul at the Roman Conquest: conceptions and misconceptions’, Antiquity, 62, 786-794.
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