Mirjana Radovic-Markovic - Publications#

I . Books in English (2009-2021)

1. Radović Marković, Mirjana & Đukanović, Borislav Marković, Dušan, Dragojević Arsen (2021). Entrepreneurship and Work in the Gig Economy -The Case of the Western Balkans, Routledge, London, United Kingdom ,ISBN 9780367725778

2. Radović Marković, Mirjana & Raghu Bir Bista (2020).16 RULE FOR ENTERPRISES AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Center for Integrated Development Studies, Katmandu, Nepal ISBN-979-8678918895 | 25 Aug 2020

3. Radović Marković, Mirjana & Raghu Bir Bista (2020). BUSINESS START UP & MICRO ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT , Center for Integrated Development Studies , Katmandu, Nepal, ISBN- 979-8678979025

4. Radović Marković, Mirjana & Raghu Bir Bista (2020). ENTERPRISES AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Center for Integrated Development Studies, Katmandu, Nepal, ISBN 979-8679335066

5. Radović Marković, Mirjana & Tomaš, Rajko (2019), Globalization and Entrepreneurship in Small Countries, New York, NY: Routledge, United States. 174 str. ISBN 9780367250751

6. Radović Marković, Mirjana & Avolio Aleči, Beatris (2017), Qualitative methods in economics. Abingdon , Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge, United States, 2017. 208 str. ISBN 978-11-38692-47-3. COBISS. SR -ID 512402786

7. Radović Marković, Mirjana, Baltezarević, Vesna, Baltezarević, Radoslav, Marković, Dušan (2014) Virtual Organisation and motivational business management, Alma Mater Europaea-Evropski centar, Maribor, Slovenia i Institut ekonomskih nauka, Beograd, Srbija, 212 str. ISBN 978-961-93493-7-3

8. Avolio Aleči, Beatris & Radović Marković, Mirjana (2013), Women and entrepreneurship: female durability, persistence and intuition at work. London , Gower Publishing Limited & Routledge, United Kingdom, 2013. 162 str., ISBN 978-1-4094-6618-5

9. Radović Marković, Mirjana, (2012), Impact of Globalization on Organizational Culture, Behavior and Gender role. Charlotte ,US : Information Age Publishing (IAP), Inc., United States, 2012. XIV , 154 str, ISBN 978-1-61735-695-7.

10. Radović Marković, Mirjana & Salamazdeh, Aidin (2012), The Nature of Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Activities. Saarbrucken : VDM Verlag Dr. Muller, Germany, 2012. ISBN 978-3-659-14311-3.

11. Omolaja , Anila & Radović Marković, Mirjana (2011), Management dynamics in the new economy. Saarbrücken : VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, Germany, 2011. 397 str. ISBN 978-3-639-37237-3.

12. Radović Marković, Mirjana & Imani Kiaruzi, Silver (2010),Women in Business: theory, practice and flexible approaches. London , United Kingdom: Adonis and Abbey Publishers, Ltd., 2010. 280 str. ISBN 978-1-9067-0444-5.

13. Radović Marković, Mirjana (2009). Women Entrepreneurs: New opportunities and Challenges’, Indo-American Books, Delhi, India, 2009.206 str. ISBN 978-818-9617-83-7

14. Radović Marković, Mirjana & Omolaja, Anila (2009), Modern management: concepts and topical issues. 1st ed. Mumbai, New Delhi, Nagpur: Himalaya Publishing House, India, 2009. 576 str. ISBN 1024318864

II. Book chapters (2007-2019)

1. Radović -Marković , Mirjana ,(2019) . The Impact of Globalization on Entrepreneurship in Small Countries : A Case of Serbia and Western Balkan Countries. IN : JANEV, Igor (ed.). Serbia : current political, economic and social issues and challenges. New York, USA: Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2018, pp. 3-22.

2. Salamazdeh , Aidin & Radović Marković, Mirjana (2018) Shortening the learning curve of media start: Ups in accelerators : case of a developing country. U : GYAMFI, Albert (ed.), WILLIAMS, Idongesit (ed.). Evaluating media richness in organizational learning. Hershey , PA: Information Science Reference, IGI Global, United States [2018], pp. 36-48 , doi: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2956-9.ch003.

3. Radović Marković, Mirjana, Tomaš-Miškin, Sonja, (2018). Challenges in the Management of Virtual Organization. U : RADOVIĆ-MARKOVIĆ, Mirjana (ed.), VUJIČIĆ, Sladjana (ed.), SILVER KYARUZI Imani (ed.). Proceedings Business management, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial tendencies, Silver & Smith Publishers, London, Great Britain, pp. 197-210.

4. Radović Marković, Mirjana, Salamazdeh Aidin (2018). The Importance of Communication in Business Management. U : RADOVIĆ-MARKOVIĆ, Mirjana (ed.), VUJIČIĆ,Sladjana (ed.), SILVER KYARUZI, Imani (ed.). Proceedings Business management,entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial tendencies, Silver & Smith Publishers, London, Great Britain, pp. 11-29.

5. Shoaib F.M. & Radović Marković, Mirjana. (2017 ), Entrepreneurial Perspective of Homestay Operators: A Qualitative Study From Emerging Tourism Industry, U: Nikitovic, (ed.), Kyaruzi (ed.), Cogoljevic (ed.), Newton Abbot: Compass Publishing, United Kingdom 2017, pp.55-70. ISBN 978-1-912009-83-1.

6. Shoab F.M. & Radović Marković, Mirjana. (2017 ), Impact of Business Simulation Games on Entrepreneurial Intentions of Business Graduates: A PLS-SEM APPROACH, U: Radovic Markovic (ed.), Shoaib Farooq (ed.), Vujicic (ed.). ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOR AND TYPES OF LEADERSHIP STYLES AND STRATEGIES IN TERMS OF GLOBALIZATION, Newton Abbot: Compass Publishing, United Kingdom. 2017 , pp. 11-25 . ISBN 978-1-912009-87-9

7. Radović -Marković, Mirjana, Radović, Gordana, Damnjanović, Aleksandar (2017), The impact of education on entrepreneurs activity and employment among marginalized groups: an evidence of Serbia. U : RADOVIĆ MARKOVIĆ, Mirjana (ed.), NIKITOVIĆ, Zorana (ed.), ZANADU, Linjie Chou (ed.). Insights and potential sources of new entrepreneurial growth : Proceedings of the international roundtable on entrepreneurship, 4 december 2016. Belgrade. Bologna, Filodiritto Publisher Inforomatica, Italy, 2017, pp. 356-369 , http://ebooks.ien.bg.ac.rs/1083/1/mrm.pdf. COBISS. SR -ID 512434786

8. Radović Marković, Mirjana, Shoab Faruk, Muhamad, Marković, Dušan (2017). Strengthening the resilience of small and medium-sized enterprises. IN : TAKÁCS, István (ed.). Management , enterprise and benchmarking in the 21st century IV: "Global challenges, local answers". Budapest : Óbuda University, 2017, pp. 345-356. http://ebooks.ien.bg.ac.rs/1119/1/meb.pdf.

9. Grozdanić, Radmila, Radović-Marković, Mirjana, Vukosavljević, Dejan and Vukosavljević, Danijela (2016), Poverty reduction by financial inclusion of women: evidence from Serbia. In : Development, competitiveness and inequality in EU and Western Balkans. Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Sofia,Bulgaria, 2016, pp. 101-114 . ISBN 978-954-07-4066-9

10. Munitlak -Ivanović, Olja & Radović-Marković, Mirjana, (2016), Small and medium enterprises and green economy in Serbia. U : SZABÓ, Antal (ed.), DÜRKOP, Colin (ed.). SMEs and green economy. Konrad -Adenauer -Stiftung , Ankara, Turkey, 2016, pp. 225-246 .

11. Shoab Faruk, Muhamed & Radović-Marković, Mirjana, (2016). Modeling entrepreneurial education and entrepreneurial skills as antecedents of intention towards entrepreneurial behaviour in single mothers: A PLS-SEM APPROACH, In: Entrepreneurship: Types, current trends and future perspectives, Bar Code Graphics, NC. Chicago. IL , 6061,United States of America and Akamai University ,United States, Faculty of Business Economics and Entrepreneurship, Belgrade, Serbia and Institute of Social Entrepreneurship (IRESEED), Great Britain (co-publishers), pp. 198-217 . ISBN: 978-1-5323-2194-8

12. Radović -Marković, Mirjana, Marković, Dušan, Vučeković, Miloš, (2016). Role of E-learning in building leaders competencies. U : BALTEZAREVIĆ, Radoslav (ur.), BALTEZAREVIĆ, Vesna (ur.), BALTEZAREVIĆ, Borivoje (ur.). Leaders as players of a new era. Saarbrücken : Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, 2016, str. 253-273 . COBISS. SR -ID 512371042

13. Grozdanić, Radmila & Radović-Marković, Mirjana (2015), Family businesses motives for internationalisation: evidence from Serbia. U : DANA, Léo-Paul (ed.), RAMADANI, Veland (ed.). Family businesses in transition economies: management, succession and internationalization. Heidelberg etc.: Springer, Germany, cop. 2015, str. 267-292 , doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-14209-8_13.

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15. Radović -Marković , Mirjana (2015), Towards sustainability in the "green economy" - theoretical overview. U : RADOVIĆ-MARKOVIĆ, Mirjana (ed.), NIKITOVIĆ, Zorana (ed.), JOVANČEVIĆ, Dragica (ed.). Toward green economy: opportunities and obstacles for Western Balkan countries. Bloomington : Xlibris, United States, 2015, pp. 1-16 .

16. Radović -Marković , Mirjana (2015), Rural Women’s Inequalities and Household Disparities.U: Luminita Chivu (ed.), Constantin Ciutacu (ed.),Valeriu Ioan-Franc (ed.), and Jean-Vasile Andrei (ed.). Peter Lang, Brussels, Belgium, 2015, pp. 431-446. ISBN :9783631696644DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.3726/978-3-653-06571-8

17. Grozdanić, Radmila & Radović-Marković, Mirjana & Jevtić, Boris (2015),Micro-Financing Support to Entrepreneurship Development-Evidences from Serbia U: Luminita Chivu (ed.), Constantin Ciutacu (ed.), Valeriu Ioan-Franc (ed.), and Jean-Vasile Andrei (ed.). Peter Lang, Brussels, Belgium, 2015, pp. 393-407. ISBN :9783631696644DOI : http://dx.doi.org/10.3726/978-3-653-06571-8

18. Radović Marković, Mirjana & Vučeković, Miloš, (2015). The role of information management in decision making and business success. In : Challenges to promoting entrepreneurship, leadership and competitiveness / International conference employment, education and enterpreneurship. Faculty of business economics and entrepreneurship; Bar code graphics, Belgrade; Chicago , United States pp. 175-187 . ISBN 978-86-6069-116-5 (FBEE); 978-1-4951-7656-2(BCG)

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23. Radović Marković, Mirjana, Marković, Dušan, Baranenko, Elena (2013), Development of entrepreneurial competences through e-learning. U : RADOVIĆ-MARKOVIĆ, Mirjana (ed.), KOČOVIĆ, Jelena (ed.), GROZDANIĆ, Radmila (ed.). Entrepreneurship , finance and education in the digital age. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, 2013, Germany, pp.: 291-323.

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III. Articles (selected)

1. Radović-Marković, Mirjana and Živanović, Branko (2019) Fostering Green Entrepreneurship and Women’s Empowerment through Education and Banks’ Investments in Tourism - evidence from Serbia. Sustainability, 23 (11). ISSN 2071-1050

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4. Radović -Marković , Mirjana (2013), Globalization and Gender Participation in the Informal Sector in Developing and Transitional Countries”, E + M (Economics and Management Journal), Technical University of Liberec in cooperation with other universities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, 4/2009 6-16 pp.

5. Radović -Marković , Mirjana & Tomaš , Rajko (2018), Development of small countries in the business environment of the European Union, Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences, ISSN– L 2247 – 8310, No.1, feb/2018.

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