Lluis Quintana-Murci - Publications#

  • 143 publications in peer-reviewed journals, including 2 Nature Genetics, 1 Nat Rev Genet, 1 Nature Communications, 6 Science, 1 PNAS, 1 Nature Immunol, 2 PLoS Medicine, 5 PLoS Genetics, and 17 Am J Hum Genet .
  • 7 Book chapters
  • Total number of citations > 4800, h-index: 39

10 major publications:

Patin E, Siddle KJ, Laval G, Quach H, Harmant C, Becker N, Froment A, Régnault B, Lemée L, Gravel S, Hombert JM, Van der Veen L, Dominy N, Perry G, Barreiro LB, Verdu P, Heyer E, Quintana-Murci L. The impact of agricultural emergence on the genetic history of African rainforest hunter-gatherers and agriculturalists. Nature Communications 5:3163 (2014)

Siddle KJ, Deschamps M, Tailleux L, Nédélec Y, Pothlichet J, Lugo-Villarino G, Libri V, Gicquel B, Neyrolles O, Laval G, Patin E, Barreiro LB, Quintana-Murci L. A genomic portrait of the genetic architecture and regulatory impact of microRNA expression in response to infection. Genome Research 24, 850-859 (2014)

Quintana-Murci, L. & Clark, A.G. Population genetic tools for dissecting innate immunity in humans. Nature Reviews Immunology 13, 280-293 (2013).

Vasseur, E., Boniotto, M., Patin, E., Laval, G., Quach, H., Manry, J., Crouau-Roy, B. & Quintana-Murci, L. The evolutionary landscape of cytosolic microbial sensors in humans. American Journal of Human Genetics 91, 27-37 (2012).

Manry, J., Laval, G., Patin, E., Fornarino, S., Itan, Y., Fumagalli, M., Sironi, M., Tichit, M., Bouchier, C., Casanova, J.L., Barreiro, L.B. & Quintana-Murci, L. Evolutionary genetic dissection of human interferons. Journal of Experimental Medicine 208, 2747-2759 (2011).

Barreiro, L.B. & Quintana-Murci, L. From evolutionary genetics to human immunology: how selection shapes host defence genes. Nature Reviews Genetics 11, 17-30 (2010).

Barreiro, L.B., Ben-Ali, M., Quach H, Laval G, Patin E, Pickrell J, Bouchier C, Tichit M, Neyrolles O, Gicquel B, Kidd JR, Kidd KK, Alcaïs A, Ragimbeau J, Pellegrini S, Abel L, Casanova JL, Quintana-Murci L (2009). Evolutionary Dynamics of Human Toll-Like Receptors and their Different Contributions to Host Defense. PLoS Genetics 5(7), e1000562.

Louicharoen, C., Patin, E., Paul, R., Nuchprayoon, I., Witoonpanich, B., Peerapittayamongkol, C., Casademont, I., Sura, T., Laird, N.M., Singhasivanon, P., Quintana-Murci, L.* & Sakuntabhai, A*. Positively selected G6PD-Mahidol mutation reduces Plasmodium vivax density in Southeast Asians. Science 326, 1546-1549 (2009). (*co-senior authors)

Barreiro, L.B., Laval, G., Quach, H., Patin, E. & Quintana-Murci, L. Natural selection has driven population differentiation in modern humans. Nature Genetics 40, 340-345 (2008).

Barreiro, L.B., Neyrolles, O., Babb, C.L., Tailleux, L., Quach, H., McElreavey, K., Helden, P.D., Hoal, E.G., Gicquel, B. & Quintana-Murci, L. Promoter variation in the DC-SIGN-encoding gene CD209 is associated with tuberculosis. PLoS Medicine 3, e20 (2006).
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