Michael Quante - Selected publications#

I. Monographs:

Hegels Begriff der Handlung. Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt: frommann-holzboog (Spekulation und Erfahrung II, 32), 1993 (translated into English, Frensh, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese and Spanish).

Personales Leben und menschlicher Tod. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp (stw 1573), 2002 (translated into Hungarian and Japanese; English translation accepted for publication).

Einführung in die allgemeine Ethik. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft 2003; fifth edition 2013 (translated into Hungarian).

Enabling Social Europe (= Wissenschaftsethik und Technikfolgenbeurteilung Band 26), Berlin: Springer 2005 (co-authored with: B.v. Maydell, K. Borchardt, K.-D. Henke, R. Leitner, R. Muffels, P.-L. Rauhala, G. Verschraegen und M. ´Zukowski), (paperback 2010).

Person. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter 2007, second edition 2012 (translated into Hungarian and Japanese; English translation in preparation).

Menschenwürde und personale Autonomie. Hamburg: Meiner 2010 (translated in Hungarian; Japanese translation in press).

Die Wirklichkeit des Geistes. Frankfurt a.M.: Suhrkamp 2011.

II. Journal-Articles(peer reviewed):

The social nature of personal identity”, in: Journal of Consciousness Studies 14 (2007), 56-76.

‚Leading a Universal life’: the systematic relevance of Hegel’s social philosophy. In: History of the Human Sciences (22) 2009, 58-78 (co-authored with David Schweikard).

The structure of perception in particularist ethics. In: Ethical Perspectives 17 (2010), S. 5-39 (co-authored with A. Vieth).

In defence of personal autonomy. In: Journal of Medical Ethics 37 (2011), S. 597-600.

Recognition in Capital. In: Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (2013) - actually accessible as "online first".

III. Articles in Books (peer reviewed):

After Hegel. The Realization of Philosophy through Action”, in: D. Moyar (Ed.), Routledge Companion to 19th Century Philosophy, London, Routledge, 2010, S. 197-237.

Hegel. In: T. O’Connor & C. Sandis (Eds.): Companion to the Philosophy of Action. London: Blackwell 2010, 537-545.

Hegel’s Planning Theory of Action. In: Arto Laitinen and Constantine Sandis (eds.) Hegel on Action. Palgrave MacMillan. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire. 2010, S. 212-231.

Recognition as the social grammar of species being in Marx. In: Heikki Ikäheimo & Arto Laitinen (eds.): Recognition and Social Ontology. Leiden: Brill 2011, pp. 239-267.

Being identical by being (treated as) responsible. In: M. Kühler & N. Jelinek (Eds.): Autonomy and the Self. Dordrecht: Springer 2013, S. 253-271.
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