Alberto Curzio Quadrio - Publications#

He has published around 400 scientific works, many of which are in the English language; one of his volumes has also been translated into Chinese. The American Economic Associations electronic bibliography, EconLit, has 92 records of articles, essays and volumes written or edited by Alberto Quadrio Curzio. His works have been published in various formats by a number of leading publishing houses (Il Mulino, Oxford University Press, North Holland, Elsevier, Macmillan, Basil Blackwell, Springer Verlag, Harriman House).

Selected Publications
  1. Rent, Income distribution and orders of efficiency and rentability, in: Pasinetti L. (ed) "Essays on the theory of joint production", Macmillan, Londra, 1980 (ed. Ital. Il Mulino, 1977).
  2. The gold problem: economic perspectives, (ed), Oxford University Press, Oxford 1982; tradotto anche in italiano (1989) ed in cinese (1988).
  3. Technological Scarcity: an essay on production and structural change, in: Baranzini M. e Scazzieri R. (eds) "Foundations of Economics - Structure of inquiry and economic theory", Basil Blackwell, 1986, pp. 311-338.
  4. Production and efficiency with global technologies (with appendices by Carlo Felice Manara and Mario Faliva), in Michael A.Landesmann and Roberto Scazzieri (eds), Production end Economics Dynamics, Cambridge University Press, 1996
  5. Rent, in H.D.Kurz e N. Salvadori (eds.), “Elgar Companion to Classical Economics (ECCE)”, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 1998, pp.289-293
  6. Sovereign Wealth Funds: new actors in the world economy, in «Economia internazionale – International Economics», vol. LXIV, n. 1, febbraio, 2011, pp. 5-18.
  7. For the Development of Middle East and North Africa. Sovereign Wealth Funds, European Union, Arab League and Others, in «Economia Politica. Journal of Analytical and Institutional Economics», anno XXVIII, n. 2, agosto, 2011, pp. 171-184.
  8. On the Different Types of Eurobonds, in «Economia Politica. Journal of Analytical and Institutional Economics», anno XXVIII, n. 3, dicembre 2011, pp. 279-293.
  9. Rent, Distribution and Economic Structure: a collection of essays, "Quaderni IDSE", n.1, CNR, Milano, 1990.
  10. Rent, Resources, Technologies (with F.Pellizzari), Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg, 1999.
  11. Historical stylizations and monetary theory (with R. Scazzieri), in R. Scazzieri, A. Sen e S. Zamagni (eds), Markets, Money and Capital. Hicksian Economics for the Twenty-First Century, Cambridge University Press, 2008, pp. 185-203.
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