Jiří Přibáň - Selected Publications#


2021. Constitutional Imaginaries: A Theory of European Societal Constitutionalism. Routledge.

2017. The Defence of Constitutionalism. University of Chicago Press/Karolinum.

2015. Sovereignty in post-sovereign society: A systems theory of European constitutionalism. Routledge.

2007. Legal symbolism: on law, time and European identity. Ashgate Publishing.

2002. Dissidents of law: on the 1989 velvet revolutions, legitimations, fictions of legality and contemporary version of the social contract. Ashgate Publishing.

Recent articles

Constitutionalism, populism, and the imaginary of the authentic polity: a socio‐legal analysis of European public spheres and constitutional demoicratization. Journal of Law and Society (2023) 50(S1), pp. S26-S44.

The nation state's legitimation in post-national society: a social systems perspective of values in legality and power. In: Sadurski, W., Sevel, M. and Walton, K. eds. Legitimacy: The State and Beyond. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019, pp. 137-157.

Constitutional imaginaries and legitimation: On potentia, potestas, and auctoritas in societal constitutionalism. Journal of Law and Society (2018) 45(S1), pp. 30-s51.

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