Christopher Prendergast - Selected publications#

Mirages and Mad Beliefs. Proust the Skeptic (Princeton University Press, 2013)

The Fourteenth of July' (Profile Books, 2008)

'The Classic: Sainte-Beuve and the Nineteenth-Century Culture Wars' (Oxford University Press, 2007)

'For the People, by the People? Eugène Sue's "Les Mystères de Paris"' (Oxford, Legenda Publications, 2004)

General editor of Proust, 'In Search of Lost Time' (new translation)(Penguin, 2002)

'The Triangle of Representation' (Columbia University Press, 2000)

'Napoleon and History Painting' (Oxford University Press, 1997)

'Writing the city. Paris and the nineteenth Century' (Basil Blackwell, 1992)

Swedish translation of 'Writing the City' (Brutus Östling Vorlag, 2000)

'The Order of Mimesis' (Cambridge University Press, 1986)

'Balzac: Fiction and Melodrama' (Edward Arnold, 1978)
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