Selected Publications#

Overall: 2,763 citations, h-index 30; i10-index 66 (Google Scholar; 21 June 2019)


1. Barbara Prainsack (2017). Personalized Medicine: Empowered Patients in the 21st Century. New York City: New York University Press.

2. Barbara Prainsack and Alena Buyx (2017). Solidarity in Biomedicine and Beyond. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

3. Barbara Prainsack, and Alena Buyx (2011). Solidarity: Reflections on an emerging concept in bioethics. London: Nuffield Council on Bioethics.

Peer-reviewed articles in international journals:

4. Aisling McMahon, Alena Buyx, and Barbara Prainsack. Big data governance needs more collective responsibility: The role of harm mitigation in the governance of data use in medicine and beyond. Medical Law Review [in press]]

5. Barbara Prainsack. (2019). Logged out: Ownership, exclusion and public value in the digital data and information commons. Big Data & Society January-June: 1-15.

6. Barbara Prainsack (2017). The ‘We’ in the ‘Me’: Solidarity and Health Care in the Era of Personalized Medicine. Science, Technology & Human Values 43(1): 21-44.

7. Jeantine E. Lunshof, George M. Church, and Barbara Prainsack (2014). Raw Personal Data: Providing Access. Science 343/6169: 373-374.

8. Barbara Prainsack, and Ayo Wahlberg (2013). Situated Bio-Regulation – Ethnographic Sensibility at the interface of STS, policy studies, and the social studies of medicine. BioSocieties 8/3: 336-359.

9. Barbara Prainsack, and Alena Buyx (2013). A solidarity-based approach to the governance of research biobanks. Medical Law Review 21(1): 71-91.

10. Barbara Prainsack (2006). Negotiating Life: The Regulation of Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Human Cloning in Israel. Social Studies of Science 36/2 (April): 173-205.

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