Simon Potts - Selected Publications#

>200 Peer-reviewed papers (198 currently listed on WoK), H-factor = 69 (WoK) or = 93 (Google Scholar), >23,000 total citations (WoK), mean of >110 citations/paper (WoK), 21 papers “Highly cited in field” indicated by *; defined as “a highly cited paper has received enough citations to place it in the top 1% of the academic field of Environment/Ecology based on a highly cited threshold for the field and publication year” (WoK).

Potts S.G., Imperatriz-Fonseca V., Ngo H.T., Aizen M.A., Biesmeijer J.C., Breeze T.D., Dicks L.V., Garibaldi L.A., Hill R., Settele J., Vanbergen A.J. (2016) Safeguarding pollinators and their values to human well-being. Nature 540: 220-229 (Impact Factor = 50.0, citations = 571)

Stanley D.A., Garratt M.P.D., Wickens J.B., Wickens V.J., Potts S.G., Raine N.E. (2015) Neonicotinoid pesticide exposure impairs crop pollination services delivered by bumblebees. Nature 528: 548–550 (Impact Factor = 50.0, citations = 146)

Biesmeijer J.C., Roberts S.P., Reemer M., Ohlemueller R., Edwards M., Peeters T., Schaffers A., Potts S.G., Kleukers R., Thomas C.D., Settele J., Kunin W.E. (2006) Parallel declines in pollinators and insect-pollinated plants in Britain and the Netherlands. Science 313: 351-354 (Impact Factor = 41.8, citations = 1,719)

Kerr J.T., Pindar A., Galpern P., Packer L., Potts S.G., Roberts S.P.M., Rasmont P., Schweiger O., Colla S.R., Richardson L.L., Wagner D.L., Gall L.F., Sikes D.S., Pantoja A. (2015) Climate change impacts on bumblebees converge across continents. Science 349: 177-180 (Impact Factor = 41.8, citations = 359)

Potts S.G, Biesmeijer J.C., Kremen C., Neumann P., Schweiger O., Kunin W.E. (2010) Global pollinator declines: trends, impacts and drivers. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 25: 345-353 (Impact Factor = 17.7, citations = 2,869)

Bommarco R., Kleijn D., Potts S.G. (2013) Ecological intensification: harnessing ecosystem services for food security. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 28: 230-238 (Impact Factor = 17.7, citations = 816)

Garibaldi L.A., Steffan-Dewenter I., Winfree R., Aizen M.A., Bommarco R., Cunningham S.A., Kremen C., Carvalheiro L.G., Afik O., Bartomeus I., Benjamin F., Cariveau D., Chacoff N.P., Dudenhöffer J.H., Freitas B., Greenleaf S., Harder L., Hipólito J., Holzschuh A., Howlett B., Isaacs R., Javorek S.K., Kennedy C., Krewenka K., Mandelik Y., Mayfield M.M., Motzke I., Munyuli T., Nault B.A., Otieno M., Petersen J., Pisanty G., Potts S.G., Rader R., Ricketts T.H., Rundlöf M., Seymour C., Schüepp C., Smitha K., Szentgyörgyi H., Taki H., Tscharntke T., Vergara C.H., Viana B.F., Wanger T.C., Westphal C., Williams N., Klein A.M. (2013) Wild pollinators enhance fruit set of crops regardless of honey-bee abundance. Science 339: 1608-1611 (Impact Factor = 41.8, citations = 1,162)

Kleijn D., Winfree R., Bartomeus I., Carvalheiro L.G., Henry M., Isaacs R., Klein A-M, Kremen C., M'Gonigle L.K., Rader R., Ricketts T., Williams N.M, Adamson N.L., Ascher J.S., Báldi A., Batáry P., Benjamin F., Biesmeijer J.C., Blitzer E.J., Bommarco R., Brand M.R., Bretagnolle V., Button L., Cariveau D.P., Chifflet R., Colville J.F., Danforth B.N., Elle E., Garratt M.P.D., Herzog F., Holzschuh A., Howlett B.G., Jauker F., Jha S., Knop E., Krewenka K.M., Le Féon V., Mandelik Y., May E.A., Park M.G., Pisanty G., Reemer M., Riedinger V., Rollin O., Rundlöf M., Sardiñas H.S., Scheper J., Sciligo A.R., Smith H.G., Steffan-Dewenter I., Thorp R., Tscharntke T., Verhulst J., Viana B.F., Vaissière B.E., Veldtman R., Westphal C., Potts S.G. (2015) Delivery of crop pollination services is an insufficient argument for wild pollinator conservation. Nature Communications 6:7414 (Impact Factor = 14.9, citations = 445)

Dicks L.V., Breeze T.D., Ngo H.T., Senapathi D., An J., Aizen M.A., Basu P., Buchori D., Galetto L., Garibaldi L.A., Gemmill-Herren B., Howlett B.G., Imperatriz-Fonseca V.L., Johnson S.D., Kovács-Hostyánszki A., Kwon Y.J., Lattorff H.M.G., Lungharwo T., Seymour C.L., Vanbergen A.J., Potts, S.G. (2021) A global assessment of drivers and risks associated with pollinator decline. Nature Ecology and Evolution 10: 1462-1462 (Impact Factor = 15.5, not yet cited)

Dicks, L.V., Viana, B., Bommarco, R., Brosi, B., M.C .Arizmendi, M., Cunningham, S.A., Galetto, L., Hill, R., Lopes, A.V., Pires, C., Taki, H., Cooper, D., Potts S.G. (2016) Ten policies for pollinators. Science 354: 975-976 (Impact Factor = 41.8, citations = 95)

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