Francesc Posas Garriga - Selected Publications#

1. Duch A&, Canal B&, Barroso SI, García-Rubio M, Seisenbacher G, Aguilera A, de Nadal E*, Posas F*. Multiple signaling kinases target Mrc1 to prevent genomic instability triggered by transcriptionreplication conflicts. Nat Commun. 9: 379 (2018).

2. Gubern A, Joaquin M, Marquès M, Maseres P, Garcia-Garcia J, Amat R, González-Nuñez D, Oliva B, Real FX, de Nadal E*, Posas F*. The N-terminal phosphorylation of RB by p38 bypasses its inactivation by CDKs and prevents proliferation in cancer cells. Mol Cell. 64(1):25-36 (2016).

3. Nadal-Ribelles M&, Solé C&, Xu Z, Steinmetz LM, de Nadal E*, Posas F*. Control of Cdc28 CDK1 by a stress-induced lncRNA. Mol Cell. 53(4):549-61 (2014)

4. Duch A, Felipe-Abrio I, Barroso S, Yaakov G, García-Rubio M, Aguilera A, Nadal E, Posas F*. Coordinated control of replication and transcription by a SAPK protects genomic integrity. Nature 493(7430):116-9 (2013).

5. Regot S&, Macia J&, Conde N, Peeters T, Kentaro F, Hohmann S., de Nadal E, Posas F*, Solé R*. Distributed biological computation with multicellular engineered networks. Nature 469: 207-11 (2011).

6. Proft M&, Mas G&, de Nadal E&, Vendrell A, Noriega N, Struhl K*, Posas F*. The stress-activated Hog1 kinase is a selective transcriptional elongation factor for genes responding to osmotic stress. Mol Cell 23(2):241-50 (2006).

7. Escoté X&, Zapater M&, Clotet J&, Posas F*. Hog1 mediates cell-cycle arrest in G1 phase by the dual targeting of Sic1. Nat Cell Biol. 6(10):997-1002 (2004).

8. de Nadal E, Zapater M, Alepuz PM, Sumoy L, Mas G, Posas F*. The MAPK Hog1 recruits Rpd3 histone deacetylase to activate osmoresponsive genes. Nature 427(6972):370-4 (2004).

9. Posas F, Saito H. Osmotic activation of the HOG MAPK pathway via Ste11pMAPKKK: scaffold role of Pbs2p MAPKK. Science 276(5319):1702-5 (1997).

10. Posas F, Wurgler-Murphy SM, Maeda T, Witten EA, Thai TC, Saito H. Yeast HOG1 MAP kinase cascade is regulated by a multistep phosphorelay mechanism in theSLN1-YPD1-SSK1 "two-component" osmosensor. Cell 86(6):865-75 (1996).

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