Karla Pollmann - Selected Publications#

K. Pollmann, The Baptized Muse. Early Christian Poetry as Cultural Authority (OUP 2017)

O. Wischmeyer, K. Pollmann et al. (eds), Handbuch der Bibelhermeneutiken (Berlin 2016) [Pollmann's responsibility: hermeneutics in the Ancient Church]].

K. Pollmann, 'Moulding the Present: Apocalyptic as Hermeneutics in City of God 21-22', in J. Doody, K. Kloos, and K. Paffenroth (eds), Augustine and Apocalyptic (Lanham 2014) 177-191 (= reprint of an article from 1999).

K. Pollmann (ed-in-chief), The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine, 3 volumes (Oxford 2013).

K. Pollmann, Entre la ciencia y la salvacion. La interpretacion del Genesis en San Augustin (Madrid 2013).

K. Pollmann, 'The Emblematic City: Images of Rome before AD 410', in H. Harich-Schwarzbauer/K. Pollmann (eds), Der Fall Roms und seine Auferstehungen (Berlin 2013) 11-36.

K. Pollmann, 'Establishing Authority in Christian Poetry of Latin Late Antiquity', Hermes 141 (2013) 309-330.

K. Pollmann, 'Art and Authority: Three Paradigmatic Visualizations of Augustine of Hippo’, in K. Pollmann/M. Gill (eds.), Augustine Beyond the Book: Intermediality, Transmediality, and Reception (Leiden 2012) 13-38.

K. Pollmann, 'And Without Thorn the Rose”? Augustine’s Interpretations of Genesis 3:18 and the Intellectual Tradition', in: N. MacDonald et al. (eds), Genesis and Christian Theology (Grand Rapids 2012) 216-227.

K. Pollmann, 'Tradition and Innovation. The Transformation of Classical Literary Genres in Christian Late Antiquity', in: J. Ulrich et al. (eds), Invention, Rewriting, Usurpation. Discursive Fights over Religious Traditions in Antiquity (Frankfurt a.M. 2012) 103-120.

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