Valeria Poli - Selected publications#

Maritano, D., Sugrue, M.L., Tininini, S., Dewilde, S., Strobl, B., Fu, XP, Murray-Tait, V., Chiarle, R. and Poli. V. The STAT3 isoforms, a and b, play unique and specific roles. (2004) Nat. Immunol. 5, 401-409. IF 26.2

Vallania, F., Schiavone, D., Dewilde, S., Pupo, E., Garbay, S., Calogero, R., Pontoglio, M., Provero, P. and Poli, V. Genome-Wide Discovery of Functional Transcription Factor Binding Sites by Comparative Genomics: the Case of Stat3. (2009) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 106:5117-22. IF 9.74

Regis G, Icardi L, Conti L, Chiarle R, Piva R, Giovarelli M, Poli V and Novelli F. IL-6, but not IFN-c, triggers apoptosis and inhibits in vivo growth of human malignant T cells on STAT3 silencing. (2009), Leukemia 11, 2102-8.PMID: 19626047. IF 10.164

Musteanu M, Blaas L, Mair M, Schlederer M, Bilban M, Tauber S, Esterbauer H, Mueller M, Casanova E, Kenner L, Poli V, Eferl R. Stat3 is a negative regulator of intestinal tumor progression in ApcMin mice. (2010) Gastroenterology 138:1003-11. IF 12.8

Barbieri I, Pensa S, Pannellini T, Quaglino E, Maritano D, Demaria M, Voster A, Turkson J, Cavallo F, Watson CJ, Provero P, Musiani P and Poli V. Constitutively active Stat3 enhances Neu-mediated migration and metastasis in mammary tumors via upregulation of Cten. (2010) Cancer Res. 70:2558-67. IF 8.65

Demaria M, Giorgi C, Lebiedzinska M, Esposito G, D'Angeli L, Bartoli A, Gough DJ, Turkson J, Levy DE, Watson CJ, Wieckowski MR, Provero P, Pinton P and Poli V. A STAT3-mediated metabolic switch is involved in tumour transformation and STAT3 addiction. (2010) Aging 2:823-842. IF 5.13

Kreuzaler PA, Staniszewska AD, Li W, Omidvar N, Kedjouar B, Turkson J, Poli V, Flavell RA, Clarkson RWE, and Watson CJ. Stat3 controls lysosomal mediated cell death in vivo. (2011) Nature Cell Biology 13:303-309. IF 20.76

Demaria M, Misale S, Giorgi C, Miano V, Camporeale A, Campisi J, Pinton P and Poli V. STAT3 can serve as a hit in the process of malignant transformation of primary cells. 2012, Cell Death and Differentiation 19: 1390-1397 IF 8.85

Camporeale A, Marino F, Papageorgiou A, Carai P, Fornero S, Fletcher S, Page BDG, Gunning P, Forni M, Chiarle R, Morello M, Jensen O, Levi R, Heymans S, Poli V. STAT3 activity is necessary and sufficient for the development of immune-mediated myocarditis in mice and promotes progression to dilated cardiomyopathy. (2013) EMBO Mol. Medicine 5: 572–590, IF 7.795

Molineris I, Schiavone D, Rosa F, Matullo G, Poli V* and Provero P. Identification of functional cis-regulatory polymorphisms in the human genome. (2013) Human Mutation 34, 735-742, *co-corresponding author. IF 5.213

The number of papers published in international journals, including including Cell, Science, Nature Immunology., Nature Cell Biol., Immunity, Mol. Cell, EMBO J. , is a total of 110. Total number of citations = 9604, without self-citations 9345, average citations per item 58.2. H-INDEX = 47
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