Frances Mary Platt - Selected Publications#

1. T.J. McDonnell, N. Deane, F.M. Platt, G. Nunez, U.Jaeger, J.P. McKearn and S.J. Korsmeyer (1989). bcl-2-immunoglobulin transgenic mice demonstrate extended B cell survival and follicular lymphoproliferation. Cell, 57, 79-88.

2. F.M. Platt, G.R. Neises, R.A. Dwek, and T.D. Butters (1994) N-butyldeoxynojirimycin is a novel inhibitor of glycolipid biosynthesis
J. Biol. Chem. 269, 8362-8365

3. F.M. Platt, G. R. Neises, G. B. Karlsson, R. A. Dwek and T. D. Butters (1994) N-Butyldeoxygalactonojirimycin inhibits glycolipid biosynthesis but does not affect N-linked oligosaccharide processing.
J. Biol. Chem.269, 27108-27114

4. Platt, F. M., Neises, G.R., Reinkensmeier,G., Townsend, M.J., Perry, V.H., Proia, R.L., Winchester, B., Dwek, R.A. and Butters, T.D. (1997) Prevention of lysosomal storage in Tay-Sachs mice treated with N-butyldeoxynojirimycin.
Science, 276, 428-431.

5. Jeyakumar, M., Butters, T.D., Cortina-Borja, M., Proia, R.L., Hunnam, V., Perry, V.H., Dwek, R.A. and Platt, F.M.(1999) Delayed symptom onset and increased life expectancy in Sandhoff disease mice treated with
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.,96, 6388-6393.

6. Lloyd-Evans, E., Morgan, A.J., He, X., Sillence, D.J., Schuchman, E., Churchill, G.C., Galione, A and Platt F.M. (2008)Niemann-Pick disease type C1 is a sphingosine storage disease that causes deregulation of lysosomal calcium.
Nature Medicine, 14, 1247-1255.

7. te Vruchte, D., Speak, A.O., Wallom, K-L., Smith, D., Hendriksz, C., Simmons, L., Lachmann, R., Cousins, A., Hartung, R., Mengel, E., Runz, H., Beck, M. Amraoui, Y., Imrie, J., Jacklin, E., Riddick, K., Yanjanin, N.M., Wassif, C.A., Rolfs, A., Rimmele, F., Wright, N., Taylor, C., Ramaswami, U., Cox, T.M., Hastings, C., Jiang, X., Sidhu, R. , Ory, D., Jeyakumar, M., Sillence, D.J., Wraith, E., Porter, F.D., Cortina-Borja, M. and Platt, F.M. (2013) Acidic compartment volume as a clinical biomarker for lysosomal storage disorders.
J Clin Invest. 2014 Feb 3. pii: 72835.

8. Platt, F.M. (2014) Sphingolipid Lysosomal Disorders, Nature, 510, 68-75

9. Paul Fineran1, Emyr Lloyd-Evans1, 2*, Nathan A. Lack*1,3, Nick Platt1, Lianne C. Davis1, Anthony J. Morgan1, Raju Venkata V. Tatituri 4, Dominic Kelly5, Simon Clark5, Ian Williams1, Patricia Tynan1, Nada Al Eisa1, Ann Williams5, Antony Galione1, Dan Ory6, Gurdyal Besra 7, David Russell8, Michael Brenner4, Edith Sim1, 9 and Frances M. Platt1
Pathogenic mycobacteria achieve cellular persistence by inhibiting the Niemann-Pick type C disease cellular pathway.
Wellcome Open Research.

10. T. Kirkegaard, J. Gray, D. A. Priestman, K.-L. Wallom, J. Atkins, O. D. Olsen, A. Klein, S.
Drndarski, N. H. T. Petersen, L. Ingemann, D. A. Smith, L. Morris,C. Bornæs,
S. H. Jørgensen, I. Williams, A. Hinsby, C. Arenz, D. Begley, M. Jäättelä, F. M. Platt,
Heat shock protein–based therapy as a potential candidate for treating the sphingolipidoses.
Sci. Transl. Med. 8, 355ra118 (2016).

she published over 170 peer reviewed papers
HI 32, Citations over 4000 (source Web of Science)

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