Frans Plank - Selected Publications#

2015 Macroscopic and microscopic typology: Basic Valence Orientation, more pertinacious than meets the naked eye. Linguistic Typology 19.1-55. [With Aditi Lahiri.]

2015 Time for change. In: Perspectives on historical syntax, ed. by Carlotta Viti, 61-91. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

2012 Why *-ling-in? The pertinacity of a wrong gender. Morphology 22. 277-292.

2011 Differential time stability in categorial change: Family names from nouns and adjectives, illustrated from German. Journal of Historical Linguistics 1:.269-292.

2010 Phonological phrasing in Germanic: The judgement of history, confirmed through experiment. Transactions of the Philological Society 108.370-398. [With Aditi Lahiri.]

2005 Delocutive verbs, crosslinguistically. Linguistic Typology 9.459-491.

2003 Noun Phrase Structure in the Languages of Europe, ed. by F. Plank. (Empirical Approaches to Language Typology, EUROTYP, 20-7.) Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

1998 The Maltese Noun Phrase Meets Typology, ed. by Albert Borg & Frans Plank. Pisa: Pacini (Rivista di Linguistica 8(1).

1995 Double Case: Agreement by Suffixaufnahme, ed. by F. Plank. New York: Oxford University Press.

1992 Language and Earth: Elective Affinities between the Emerging Disciplines of Linguistics and Geology, ed. by Bernd Naumann, Frans Plank, Gottfried Hofbauer. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

1981 Morphologische (Ir-)Regularitäten: Aspekte der Wortstrukturtheorie. Tübingen: Narr.

1979 Ergativity: Towards a Theory of Grammatical Relations, ed. by F. Plank. London & New York: Academic Press.
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