Katharina Pistor - Selected Publications#

Rule by Data – The End of Markets (Law and Contemporary Problems (2020).

The Value of Law, Theory and Society (2020).

The Code of Capital, How the Law Creates Wealth and Inequality (Princeton University Press, 2019) [translated into 8 languages]]

From Territorial to Monetary Sovereignty, Journal on Theoretical Inquiries into Law, special issues on “Sovereignty and Property, (2017).

Legal Institutionalism: Capitalism and the Constitutive Role of Law (with Simon Deakin, David Gindis, Geoffrey Hodgson, and Kainan Huang), Journal of Comparative Economics (2017)

Regulatory Capabilities (with Fabrizio Cafaggi), Journal of Regulation and Governance, 2015

Governing Access to Essential Resources (ed. with Olivier DeSchutter), Columbia University Press (2015).

A Legal Theory of Finance, Journal of Comparative Economics (2013) Issue 2; 315-330.

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