Alain Peyraube#

Watch Alain Peyraube (CNRS, Paris and European Research Council) speaking on Panel 1: International Perspectives on Horizon 2020 at the 'Innovation, Reflection and Inclusion: The Role and Contribution of the Humanities and Social Sciences' conference which took place at the Royal Irish Academy on May 7 2013 here

Short laudatio by Ferenc Kiefer (from 2005)#

Alain Peyraube is a leading scholar in Chinese linguistics. At the beginning of his career he was mainly interested in Chinese diachronic syntax and semantics, in subsequent years he became more and more involved in typological studies, esp. in the typology of East-Asian languages. He also published articles on the cognitive approaches to the diversity of languages and on the origin and evolution of languages. (He participates in the European project “The Origins of Language”.) His latest research is mostly concerned with the mechanisms of syntactic and semantic change in Chinese from the period of the first recorded inscriptions (14th century BC) to the modern period (18th century). He works within a broadly conceived functional frameworks and his research includes problems of analogy, of reanalysis (grammaticalization) and of external borrowing.

Peyraube has published five books (one in Chinese, one in English and three in French) on Chinese linguistics and about one hundred articles on Chinese and general linguistics. He is not only the French representative for the social sciences and humanities if the European COST programme but also member of the Scientific Council of the European Research Council.

Peyraube is a welcome teacher in many parts of the world. He was teaching courses at the Summer Schools of the LSA at Cornell University, at the University of California at Santa Barbara and at MIT/Harvard and guest professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University (1993-1995), at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (1986), at the Academia Sinica of Taiwan (1988) and at La Trobe University in Australia (1994, 1999).

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