Arthur Petersen - Selected Publications#

de Vries, H.J.M. and Petersen, A.C. (2009), ‘Conceptualizing sustainable development: An assessment methodology connecting values, knowledge, worldviews and scenarios’, Ecological Economics 68: 1006–1019.

Petersen, A.C. (2012), Simulating Nature: A Philosophical Study of Computer-Model Uncertainties and Their Role in Climate Science and Policy Advice, Second Edition, Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

Spruijt, P., Knol, A.B., Vasileiadou, E., Devilee, J., Lebret, E. and Petersen, A.C. (2014), ‘Roles of scientists as policy advisers on complex issues: A literature review’, Environmental Science & Policy 40: 16–25.

Petersen, A.C., Cath, A., Hage, M., Kunseler, E. and van der Sluijs, J.P. (2011), ‘Post-normal science in practice at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency’, Science, Technology, & Human Values 36: 362–388.

Dóci, G., Vasileiadou, E. and Petersen, A.C. (2015), ‘Exploring the transition potential of renewable energy communities’, Futures 66: 85–95.

Kunseler, E.M., Tuinstra, W., Vasileiadou, E. and Petersen, A.C. (2015), ‘The reflective futures practitioner: Balancing salience, credibility and legitimacy in generating foresight knowledge with stakeholders’, Futures 66: 1–12.

Hazeleger, W., van den Hurk, B.J.J.M., Min, E., van Oldenborgh, G.J., Petersen, A.C., Stainforth, D.A., Vasileiadou, E. and Smith, L.A. (2015), ‘Tales of future weather’, Nature Climate Change 5: 107–113.

McCray, L.E., Oye, K.A. and Petersen, A.C. (2010), ‘Planned adaptation in risk regulation: An initial survey of US environmental, health, and safety regulation’, Technological Forecasting & Social Change 77: 951–959.

Kouw, M. and Petersen, A.C. (2018), ‘Diplomacy in action: Latourian politics and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’, Science & Technology Studies 31: 52–68.

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