Mauro Perretti - Major publications#

List of Publications 2007-2011(info)

1 Perretti M, Croxtall JD, Wheller SK, Goulding NJ, Hannon R. & Flower RJ: Mobilisation of lipocortin 1 in adherent human polymorphonuclear leukocytes negatively modulates their transmigration. NATURE MED 2: 1259-1262, 1996.

2 Lim HK, Solito E, Russo-Marie F, Flower RJ & Perretti M: Detachment of leukocytes adherent to murine post-capillary venules as a novel target to control inflammation: effect of lipocortin 1. PROC NATL ACAD SCI USA 95: 14535-14539, 1998.

3 Getting SJ, Gibbs L, Clark AJ, Flower RJ & Perretti M: POMC gene-derived peptides activate melanocortin type 3 receptor on murine macrophages, suppress cytokine release, and inhibit neutrophil migration in acute experimental inflammation. J IMMUNOL 162: 7446-7453, 1999.

4 Paul-Clark MJ, Mancini L, Del Soldato P, Flower RJ & Perretti M: Potent antiaithritic properties of a glucocorticoid derivative, NCX-1015, in an experimental model of arthritis. PROC NATL ACAD SCI USA 99: 1677-1682, 2002. (Highlighted in News & Views, Nature Review Drug Discovery No bones about it. NRDD 2002)

5 Perretti M, Chiang N, La M, Fierro IM, Marullo S, Getting SJ, Solito E & Serhan CN. Endogenous lipid- and peptide-derived anti-inflammatory pathways generated with glucocorticoid and aspirin treatment activate the lipoxin A4 receptor. NATURE MED 8: 1296-1302, 2002.

6 Gavins FNE, Yona S, Kamal AM, Flower RJ & Perretti M: Leukocyte anti-adhesive actions ofannexin 1: ALXR and FPR related anti-inflammatory mechanisms. BLOOD 101: 4140-4147, 2003.

7 Hayhoe RPG, Kamal AM, Solito E, Flower RJ, Cooper D & Perretti M: Annexin 1 and its bioactive peptide inhibit neutrophil-endothelium interactions underflow: indication of distinct receptor involvement. BLOOD 107: 2123-2230, 2006. (Highlighted by Blood with a Capsule: Serhan CN, Chiang N: Putting the brakes on neutrophils Blood 107: 1742-1743, 2006).

8 D’Acquisto F, Merghani A, Lecona E, Rosignoli G, Raza K, Buckley CD, Flower RJ & Perretti M: Annexin 1 modulates T cell activation and differentiation, BLOOD 109:1095-102, 2007.

9 Vong L, D’Acquisto F, Pederzoli-Ribeil M, Lavagno L, Flower RJ, Witko-Sarsat V & Perretti M: Annexin 1 cleavage in activated neutrophils: a pivotal role for proteinase 3. J BIOL CHEM 282:29998-30004, 2007.

10 Perretti M, D’Acquisto. Annexin Al and glucocoiticoids as effectors of the resolution of inflammation. NAT REV IMMUNOL 9: 62-70, 2009.
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