Virgil Percec - Selected Publications#

According to Google Scholar Citations, Virgil Percec has 51,150 total citations, 634 publications with at least 10 citations each, 4 publications with more than 1,000 citations each. His portfolio of publications has Hirsch Index, H = 112. [Data March 24, 2020]

1. V Percec
"Merging Macromolecular and Supramolecular Chemistry Into Bioinspired Synthesis of Complex Systems"
Israeli Journal of Chemistry (2020), doi:10.1002/ijch.202000004

2. BE Partridge, L Wang, D Sahoo, JT Olsen, P Leowanawat, C Roche, H Ferreira, KJ Reilly, X Zeng, G Ungar, PA Heiney, R Graf, HW Spiess, V Percec. "Sequence-Defined Dendrons Dictate Supramolecular Cogwheel Assembly of Dendronized Perylene Bisimides" Journal of the American Chemical Society 141: 15761-15766 (2019)

3. DA Wilson, KA Andreopoulou, M Peterca, P Leowanawat, D Sahoo, BE Partridge, Q Xiao, N Huang, PA Heiney, V Percec "Supramolecular Spheres Self-Assembled from Conical Dendrons are Chiral"
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141: 6162–6166 (2019)

4. BM Rosen, KW Quasdorf, DA Wilson, N Zhang, AM Resmerita, NK Garg, V Percec
"Nickel-catalyzed cross-couplings involving carbon-oxygen bonds"
Chemical Reviews 111 (3): 1346-1416, (2011)

5. Virgil Percec, DA Wilson, P Leowanawat, CJ Wilson, AD Hughes, MS Kaucher, DA Hammer, DH Levine, AJ Kim, FS Bates, KP Davis, TP Lodge, ML Klein, RH DeVane, E Aqad, BM Rosen, AO Argintaru, MJ Sienkowska, K Rissanen, S Nummelin, J Ropponen, "Self-assembly of Janus dendrimers into uniform dendrimersomes and other complex architectures"
Science 328 (5981): 1009-1014 (2010)

6. BM Rosen, CJ Wilson, DA Wilson, M Peterca, MR Imam, V Percec,
"Dendron-mediated self-assembly, disassembly, and self-organization of complex systems"
Chemical Reviews 109 (11): 6275-6540 (2009)

7. BM Rosen, V Percec, "Single-electron transfer and single-electron transfer degenerative chain transfer living radical polymerization" Chemical Reviews 109 (11): 5069-5119 (2009)

8. X Zeng, G Ungar, Y Liu, V Percec, AE Dulcey, JK Hobbs,
"Supramolecular dendritic liquid quasicrystals"
Nature 428 (6979): 157-160 (2004)

9. V Percec, M Glodde, TK Bera, Y Miura, I Shiyanovskaya, KD Singer, VSK Balagurusamy, PA Heiney, Ingo Schnell, A Rapp, H-W Spiess, SD Hudson, H Duan, "Self-organization of supramolecular helical dendrimers into complex electronic materials"
Nature 419 (6905): 384-387 (2002)

10. V Percec, CH Ahn, G Ungar, DJP Yeardley, M Möller, SS Sheiko,
"Controlling polymer shape through the self-assembly of dendritic side-groups"
Nature 391 (6663):161-164 (1998)

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