Oscar Pastor - Selected Publications#

1. Scientific paper. Panach, I. Dieste, O, Marín, B., España, S., Vegas,S., Pastor, O., Juristo,N.: Evaluating Model-Driven Development Claims with Respect to Quality: A Family of Experiments. IEEE Trans. Software Eng. 47(1): 130-145 (2021)

2. Scientific paper. Lukyanenko, R., Storey, V., Pastor, O.: Foundations of information technology based on Bunge's systemist philosophy of reality. SoSyM- Software&Systems. Modeling 20(4): 921-938 (2021).

3. Scientific paper. Pastor,O., León,A., Reyes,J., García,A., Casamayor, J.C.: Using Con-ceptual Modeling to improve genome data management. Briefings in Bioinform. 22(1): 45-54 (2021)

4. Scientific paper. Domingo,A., Echeverría, J., Pastor, O., Cetina,C.: Evaluating the influence of scope on feature location. Inf. Softw. Technol (IST). 140: 106674 (2021)

5. Scientific paper. León,A., Pastor,O.:Enhancing Precision Medicine: A Big Data-Driven Approach for the Management of Genomic Data. Big Data Research. 26: 100253 (2021)

6. Scientific paper. Blasco,D., Cetina,C., Pastor O.: A fine-grained requirement traceability evolutionary algorithm: Kromaia, a commercial video game case study. Inf. Softw. Tech-nol. (IST) 119 (2020)

7. Scientific paper. Pastor, O.; León-Palacio, A.; Reyes Román, J.; García-Simón, A.; Casamayor Rodenas, J.C.. 2020. Using conceptual modeling to improve genome data management Briefings in Bioinformatics. ISSN 1467-5463. DOI: doi: 10.1093/bib/bbaa100.

8. Scientific paper. Verdonck,M., Gailly,F., Pergl,R., Guizzardi,G., FrancoMartins,B., Pastor O. 2019. Comparing traditional conceptual modeling with ontology-driven conceptual modeling: An empirical study Information Systems. 81, pp.92-103. ISSN 0306-4379. DOI: 10.1016/j.is.2018.11.009.

9. Book: Model-driven architecture in practice: a software production environment based on conceptual modeling. O Pastor, J.C. Molina, Springer (2007)

10. USA Patent. Automatic software production system. J Iborra, O Pastor; US Patent 7,137,100 (2006)

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