Paolo Parrini - Selected Publications#

(01) 2019 - Philosophy Today: Cries of Alarm and Prospects of Progress, "Northern European Journal of Philosophy" (already available on line; it will be printed in vol. 20, pp. 1-20)

(02) 2018 - Fare filosofia, oggi, Carocci editore, Roma

(03) 2018 Ernst Mach and the Disenchantment of Metaphysics, in: P. Gori (eds.), Ernst Mach tra scienza e filosofia, Edizioni Ets, Pisa, pp. 32-52

(04) 2014 - About the "Parting of the Ways": Three Roads or Four? Schlick's Reviews for the " Vierteljahrsschrift fuer wissenschaftliche Philosophie und Soziologie" and Husserl's Phenomenology, "Philosophical Inquiries", vol. 2, pp. 141-159

(05) 2013 - Open Questions in Epistemology, in: J. Hintikka (ed.), Open Problems in Epistemology, "Acta Philosophica Fennica", vol. 90, pp. 49-61

(06) 2013 - A priori, objectivité, judgement. Un itinéraire entre kantisme, phénomenonologie et néo-empirisme, in: Tendances et débats dans l'épistémologie contemporaine [essays by J Hintikka, D. Moran, D. Jacquette, H. I. Brown, P. Parrini], "Diogène", 242, pp. 91-110

(07) 2011 - Pragmatisme logique et probabilisme radical dans la philosophie italienne du XXe siècle, "Revue de synthèse" vol 132, pp. 191-211

(08) 2003 - P. Parrini, M. Salmon & W. Salmon (eds.), Logical Empiricism. Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh

(09) 1998 - Knowledge and Reality. An Essay in Positive Philosophy (English edition, revised, of P. Parrini, Conoscenza e realtà. Saggio di filosofia positiva, Laterza, Roma, 1995), The Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science, Kluwer, Dordrecht

(10) 1995 - P. Parrini (ed.), Kant and Contemporary Epistemology, The University of Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science, Kluwer, Dordrecht

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